The Brand

The CT1 brand is the industry leader without any contradiction. CT1 abbreviated from Construction Technology No1. It was developed ten years ago after intensive research and development in sealant technology. The CT1 Sealant and Construction Adhesive was and still is absolutely unique in the market with many projects completed by using CT1 Sealant (please refer to testimonials). The CT1 brand has grown to a formidable name within the market place so much so that the product name is now starting to replace the verb, for example people now instead of saying “that has to be sealed” are saying “we need to CT1 that” this is how strong the brand has become. The product has acquired many approved accreditations where other products have passed on the criteria. An example of this was a European approved certification (ETAG) for the installation of shower panels in the commercial and domestic sectors. “It is so enjoyable selling such a quality brand”, is a typical statement both our customers and our field representatives make.

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