• Peel Tec – Paint Just Simply Peels Away!

    Peel Tec – Paint Just Simply Peels Away!

    Say goodbye to those tedious and unsafe methods of removing paint such as heat, harsh solvents and mechanical methods.

  • Super Fast Plus – 50ml

    Super Fast Plus – 50ml

    A new concept in superglues, Superfast is almost a pure cyanacrylate with an amazing ability to bond and in many cases fuse base materials together.

  • Super Fast Plus Activator

    Super Fast Plus Activator

    Superfast Activator is developed to seal porous materials in order to create incredible bonding with our superfast plus Cyanacrylate adhesive.

  • Miracle Seal

    Miracle Seal

    Miracle Seal Permanently seals small leaks anywhere in the cooling system. Seals leaks in radiators, hose pipes and water pumps. Can even seal hariline cracks in an engine!

  • Superfast Plus – 20ml

    Superfast Plus – 20ml

    Superfast Plus is an adhesive which bonds in seconds and has a special formula based on Cyanacrylate. Superfast Plus is a one component adhesive which does not contain solvent and consists mainly of Athyl Cyanacrylate Monomer.

  • Power Grab n Bond

    Power Grab n Bond

    The revolutionary development in heavy duty vertical bonding. Based on our CT1 unique sealant and construction adhesive formulation. With Power Grab n Bond there is absolutely no need for any additional fixings as it was initially developed for facade bonding.

  • CT1


    CT1 will successfully bond: Metals (including lead) Glass Mirrors Wood Polystyrene Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing.

  • Multisolve


    MultiSolve removes Wax Paraffin Printing ink And much much more... Adhesives, Sealants, Oil, Grease, Silicone.