Introducing TRIBRID® Technology
CT1 - Made in Britain
BT1 - New TRIBRID Technology for Bathrooms
The World's Best Graffiti Remover!
C-Tec Corporate Video
CT1 End of Season Highlights
Chandlers Building Supplies test the strength of CT1
Peel Tec helps restore an old rusty gate within minutes!
CT1 WWII Torpedo Boat Testimonial Video
Multisolve Video 2017
CT1 and SuperFast Plus Shoe Repair
Power Grab'n'Bond Video
Miracle Seal Video
Superfast Plus Video
C Tec Expo Show Video
CT1 Video
WT1 - ST Malachys GAC Testimonial
WT1 / CT1 Boat Repair Testimonial
Peel Tec - Don't Burn It. Peel It!
CT1 WWII Torpedo Boat Testimonial Video
C-Tec helps restore a fishing boat used in the Evacuation of Dunkirk!
Multisolve removing wax in a Beauticians
C-Tec Expo Video 2018
Choose Blue for Health. Choose CT1.
CT1 is now available at DHS Guernsey!
BT1 New TRIBRID Technology for bathrooms
Peel Tec- Don't Burn it, Peel it!
CT1 Fleets Captured in Action
The Bald Builders Sit on a CT1 Block!
The Bald Builders Putting CT1 to the test!
When it all falls apart, just use CT1!!
The Bald Builders, Power Grab n Bond & a 400K Lamborghini
CT1 Made in Britain, with British Design and British Technology!
CT1 Fleets on the move!!!
CT1 Homegrown Brand
CT1 & The Bald Builders Proud Partners with ITS
CT1 Now Available at ITS- Proudly Associated with Fix Radio & The Bald Builders
Say Goodbye to Mould and Fungal Growth & Hello to BT1!
CT1 Sales Rep visits The Bald Builders hub!
The Bald Builders putting Peel Tec to the test!
CT1 Proudly Supporting our Home Nations, Talksport
The Bald Builders Using CT1 to build a wall Underwater!
Power Grab n Bond- Sledgehammer Challenge
The Bald Builders vs BT1- The Ultimate Bathroom Sealant & Adhesive
Snekkerpappaen x CT1
Fixing annoying things in the household with Superfast Glue!
Behind the Scenes of Lamborghini video ft. The Bald Builders
Will CT1 hold a cement lorry upside down?
Paint Strip Trade Challenge
Pound on the ground prank ft. Superfast Glue!
The Power Grab n Bond Sledgehammer Challenge
CT1- The Ultimate Caulk Filler!
Power Grab n Bond Ft. Andy Stevens
Power Grab n Bond- The Ultimate Construction Adhesive
Rushmoor Painting & Decorating try's Peel Tec
CT1's Eye-Catching Sanitary Safe Screens!
Merry Christmas From CT1 & U-105
Power Grab n Bond Now Available at Travis Perkins
Peel Tec x The National Painting & Decorating Show 2021-Highlights!
The Bald Builders Put Miracle Seal to the test!
BBC's Repair Shop ft. The Nations Favourite Sealant & Adhesive
"Roll Up, Roll Up. Come & Have a go!"
BT1 Now Available from Toolstation Nationwide
CT1 Now Available from George Boyd
Visit BT1 at Booth F90
BT1 Exhibits at KBB Show 2022
The 'Mario Bros' Take on Toolstation
The Ultimate Construction Adhesive Now Available from Travis Perkins
AndyCam Puts CT1 to the test!
CT1 officially Voted Number 1 Sealant & Adhesive!
Sticking to the Ceiling with Power Grab n Bond!
The Strongest Bonding Adhesive on the Market!
PGB + Big Wipes= The Ultimate Duo!
Craning A Transit Van 100Ft in the air 😮😮 using nothing but PGB!
Testing the strength of the so called STRONGEST Adhesive on the market!
We Are The Builders Out Now!
Saw in the Stone Challenge Comes to MacBlair Breakfast Mornings!
PGB The Cotswold Gardeners Landscaping Project with Alan Titsmarch Part 11
PGB The Cotswold Gardeners Landscaping Project with Alan Titsmarch Part 21
Ever seen a man stuck to a sheet of ply?!!😂😂
Laura Jane Clark Takes on water!
What makes a good Superglue GREAT?
Sun Sea & CT1!
SFP Now Available from all Toolstation Branches!
The Best Underwater Sealant!
CT1 Tennis
"There's Only 1 CT1!"
Now Available in Toolstation Branches Nationwide!
WSM Mark Felix Takes on the Saw in the Stone!
A Man with a Hammer + Superfast Plus!
Errioc Carpentry Using SFP on a job!
Saw in the Stone Finals! Annoucement Soon!
Instant Climbing Wall with SuperFast!
BT1 Now Available from Otford Builders Merchants
Superfast Plus Now Available from Otford Builders Merchants
The Only Way To Build A Gingerbread House This Christmas!
CT1 Take on the Premier League
Paint Hacks Using Superfast!
How Many Can YOU Do?
He Got Superfast'd!
Who else has this struggle?

NAPD 2022

Trained to Work Under Pressure!
The Magic of Miracle Seal!
CT1's Best Friend!
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