Trade Decorator Festival Testimonial

PeelTec from creators of CT1 showed the very attentive and engaging audience the benefits and technology developments of PeelTec.

Available at Crown Decorating Centres.

It was a hit! Removing paint fast! What’s not to like?!

“Rest assured that I will be singing your praises at the next team meeting on Monday morning, I think you are doing a great job ! I have been keeping an eye of the other event that is running at the same time and I have to say that your format is head and shoulders above, far more engaging and enjoyable. I have been with the Dulux Academy for 5 years now but prior to that I was a self employed decorator for 35 years, so I can look at these things through the eye of a decorator rather than a corporate “suit”. I have enjoyed all the webinars I have attended so far but for feedback purposes I would say my 3 favourites so far have been CT1 Peel tec, Tesa and Pete Wilky yesterday”

Mark Rigby at Akzo Nobel (Dulux Academy)

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