WSM Fastners use CT1 to repair a Fish Tank at home!

CT1 with its unique hybrid polymer is so versatile that all trades people can use this on almost any application. Replacing several products in 1, it replaces all other sealants, silicones and adhesives.

DIY enthusiasts also have repaired, mended and built up their homes using CT1. Its versatility is so diverse it can repair almost anything !

Over the years, CT1 has repaired may fish tanks, ponds and swimming pools. The fact the CT1 can seal a leak immediately and underwater! It has helped many of those in need of a repair immediately and of course no threat to the fish or people in the pool.

CT1 with its unique hybrid polymer formulation has no solvents and therefore will not harm any fish that nibble on the sealant, which is often the case.

Many aquarium repair and installers use CT1 and swimming pool maintenance people regarding as CT1 the only sealant that is fit for the job.

One such case is that of James from WSM Fasteners, who is an official stockist of CT1! He needed this for use at home and didn’t realise how versatile the product was!

Read the testimonial below and see the image of the finished product!

“Had a leak that was coming from the bottom of the tank somewhere. Had to remove all the water (160 L) of water, all the fish and clean around the inside where the seal could have failed and put some CT1 on and 5 hours later saved my fish tank and the fish thanks to CT1! Left it to start setting for about half hour then had to put in the water again as it was midnight! 😊 no clue what I would have done otherwise!”


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