Wedge Roofing Centre

We are a major supplier of CT1 products in all colours, Multisolve and now also Power Grab n Bond.

We have been selling these products very successfully over the past year and have had fantastic feedback from customers who are buying more and more of these products.

Some of the applications they are using the CT1 for include: Sealing leaking gutters, sealing window frames, leaking roofs, bonding lead to felt, concrete, sealing lead flashings, bonding slates on roofs, bonding promenade tiles to flat roofs, bonding lead to many surfaces-even when wet.

Multisolve has been very successful for roofers wanting to remove tar from trowels, removing acrypol and removing chewing gum, removing old signs from vans and degreasing work tools.

Power Grab n Bond for heavy vertical bonding of tiles, slates and fascades, sheeting without the need for additional fixings.

We look forward to selling new products from C-Tec.

Andrew Perrott

Branch Manager



NW10 5BT

0208 969 0022

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