Perfect Repair of Garden Pond Liner with CT1 Black

Customer: Mark Greensill, Rugeley, West Midlands, England


Background to the Issue

Mark Greensill from Rugeley in the West Midlands had a major issue of weed ingress in his garden pond. The garden feature was created 15 years ago and after fitting a brand-new pond liner just last year the very aggressive weed Mare’s Tail (also commonly known as horseweed) had broken through a seal and was growing rapidly in the pond. The creeping stems of this highly destructive plant may go down deep below the surface, making them hard to remove by digging out.


CT1 Provides and Environmentally Compliant Solution

Mark needed a long-term solution to repair the liner without replacing it, whilst being environmentally friendly to ensure no detrimental chemical impacts on the pond life and ecological biodiversity of the surrounding areas. Containing neither solvents nor highly reactive isocyanates CT1 is environmentally compliant and perfect for all pond and water feature maintenance as it will not affect any aquatic plants.


Why Choose CT1?

Having seen CT1 in his local hardware store and previously watched videos of internet sensations The Bald Builders sticking a skip to the ceiling and driving a Ferrari under it, Mark was sure it would provide the answers to his problem without having to drain all 900,000 litres of water out of the pond.

For ease of access to remove the Mare’s Tail he pumped out approx. 250,000 litres of water. This made identifying where the harmful, spreading weed had damaged the pond liner very easy.

As the CT1 is a highly deformable, polymer enriched sealant and adhesive with 350% more elongation it can be used in wet and damp conditions where increased flexibility, resistance to environmental changes and UV light are important.

Mark cleaned any silt and filamentous algae off the effected areas to ensure full contact of CT1 on the pond liner repair.

This created a perfect seal that would prevent further ingress of damaging weeds while simultaneously preventing water seeping out of the pond.


Another Successful Result Provided by CT1!

The repair of the pond liner is a complete success, and the garden feature has been restored for the family to enjoy and local wildlife to benefit from. Mark said;

“I’m absolutely delighted with the result. I thought I was going to have to remove and replace the while pond liner. It would have been so much work. CT1 provided such a great solution; cost effective, time saving and environmentally safe for the pondlife and local habitat.”

Once again CT1, which comprises of the very best raw materials, has demonstrated why it’s the number 1 sealant and adhesive available. CT1 is always leading the way in quality, service and advancements being made in the construction industry.