An excellent application for Multisolve has been discovered.  Purely by accident whilst visiting a friend who owns several high performance sports bikes, namely Ducati, Honda. Yamaha and Kawasaki, I observed him tediously cleaning one of his bikes with a very small brush and a general run-of-the-mill bike cleaner. I pointed out in passing that CTEC had a superb product that would certainly do the job more proficiently and certainly more quickly.  He tried the product and to quote him “I have been flabbergasted with this products capabilities”, and, so much so that he has informed fellow biker friends and indeed bike mechanics with similar feedback being enthused. The following are just some of the applications in which he has used Multisolve.

Multisolve is a fantastic brake cleaner, it removes dust without leaving a residue, spray it on and watch the dirt run off, no need to rub as it dries almost instantly before your eyes leaving the brake callipers and pads as new restoring maximum brake efficiency.

Multisolve sprayed directed onto the swing arm and rim area is an outstanding degreasing agent as it removes chain splatter instantaneously and is an exceptional cleaner for all alloy/aluminium/carbon and kevlar surfaces.  Other external uses include usages on fairings for removal of flies/insects and other aggressive dirt particles, spray the product directly to the area and leave for a few moments, rub gently and watch as all debris is eliminated completely to leave everything spotlessly clean.  Internally, on re-builds it can be used as an excellent engine and gearbox parts cleaner.

Multisolve is a quick and absolutely astonishing spray cleaner.  Its use as a bike cleaner is endless and its quick cleaning ability means the only other procedure after Multisolve use is to polish the machine.

Multisolve can be used on all High-performance track, road or off-road race bikes.

Kyle Johnston

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