Michael Mc Caul Signs

Within the uk  sign industry many major companys have struggled over the years
to find products for bonding that will with stand the weather climates that
can change very quickly within the uk.
In 2004 our company introduced the full range of ct1 products within its 3 main
areas manufacturing / instulation / maintaince.
After over 4 years within these main areas the company staff will use only
ct1 products for there daily work duties such as sealing and maintanice.
Our manufacturing dept for built up sperspex letters and fomalux letters
use ony ct1 superfast plus glues and matching it with superfast plus activator
which gives them a bond very quick on plastics and strong enough to with stand
our ever changing uk weather climate.
We can now reasure our costumers that thay will have the best possible
job done with the help of ct1 products within in our company.
Many thanks ct1 .

Eugene Andrews
Michael Mc Caul Signs
Northern Ireland

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