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Manor plumbing operate emergency based insurance repairs where the ability to resolve a fault quickly is high priority.

When we attend heating systems with leaks and pressure loss issues, previously, after all visual checks, we would then have to look for ‘hidden’ leaks. Now, with miracle seal, once we’ve confirmed there is no visible leaks, we add a bottle of Miracle seal, and to date, (over 20 times we’ve used it) we have a 100% success rate.

Our most notable use of Miracle Seal was for an elderly customer, who had a combi boiler which was loosing pressure so quickly, my fresh cup of tea was still too hot to drink by the time the pressure gauge had gone from 1.0bar to 0.1 bar.
I added 1 bottle of Miricle Seal via the towel radiator, ran it thru the system, and pressure was staying steady 1.4bar cold.

We have gone back to the same customer twice over the last 12 months, 1 for annual service, 1 for time clock replacement, BOTH visits, pressure has been fine.

Very impressed!!

Tim Clarke

Manor Plumbing LTD
Manor Farm
SN16 9JB


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