London based Developer – Elanis Management

This acclaimed developer is based in London, working on the capitals largest projects including new apartments in Iselworth, West London. The practice is also partnered with the renowned Interior Designer Charles Orhcard. They use CT1 on a regular basis for many projects from construction, developments, and interior design. See their experience below.


“I am Project Manager from Elanis, a London based developer. We were recommended with CT1 by our trade friends. We initially bought them from Leyland, and then later from Selco (when Selco acquired Leyland), which was more convenient as we buy most of our building materials from Selco. Our experience with CT1 so far has been great! It is a very competent, reliable and extremely versatile bonding product that we feel comfortable to use in various difficult situations. A good problem solver it is!


In one case, we were dealing with old but expensive marble wall tiles in a luxurious bathroom, where some of the tiles started to come off as the water went through the tile joints and affected the bonding between the tile and wall. The problem was that very small tile joints were used when people first fitted the bathroom 30 years ago, and these tiles joints are so small that no tile grout was able to stay in the joints for long before it crumbled into small pieces. Then water went in and caused the problem. The household has done the re-grouting for a few times, but none of them could really resolve the problem. We used CT1 to bond the tiles to the background wall (which has a quite some flexibility in it, so CT1 was perfect for it), and we also sealed all the tile joints with CT1 as well because we believed it can squeeze in there, stay there, seal and hold things together. The household was very happy with the result. It has been over a year and it has been no problem at all. Thanks to CT1.”


Yang Liu
Project Manager
Elanis Management

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