Harris & Bailey Ltd

This is just a quick line to say thank you from everyone at Harris and Bailey and our customers as well! We very much appreciate the opportunity you gave us to be a supplier for your product in the South London area. As a supplier it’s a dream product to sell, it sells itself, when asked what it wont do I say it won’t bond polypropylene, as that’s a man made material designed to be unbondable apart from that I have never come across a thing CT1 cannot do.

It’s often in this business you see a product and think “wow that’s good” but it’s usually a craze or a fad and you soon forget about it so you never really needed it but CT1 is different our staff buy it and use it for their jobs that’s how strongly we believe in this product. We also have a bit of a competition here to see the most outrageous things people have used CT1 for! From cars to washing machines to ponds to furniture making it passes the test every time. I even used Multisolve to clean my first ever guitar, which is 29 years old, and it removed every bit of grime and left a sparkling clean finish and I’d cry if anything ever happened to that guitar!

When the question is what can I use the answer is CT1, all we can say is try it and you’ll be amazed and you’ll find 100 jobs you can use CT1 for.
Keep up the good work.
The sales team at Harris & Bailey

Harris & Bailey Ltd