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After starting with the basic CT1 range in our showroom we are pleased to say that we have now achieved many return customers who come back to our shop just to buy your products. Not only does this encourage them to purchase other products whilst they are here, it also has encouraged us to stock more depth of all colours.

The CTI display stand is now totally full and the clear and white particularly, seem to sell everyday. The super glue has now taken off as well and I used this myself only last weekend. The draught excluder in my doorframe kept falling out. Not any more. The best thing with this was that I did not use the activator on this occasion, which meant I had time to position the whole length before it went off. We did use the activator with the glue on the shelving units in our showroom and it set instantly.

Looking forward to selling more of the CT1 range of products in the near future

Graham Ingram

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