CT1 “My Experience of a great product” by Mr Savant

In 2021 I had planned to renew my complete tiled roof. Unfortunately after contacting 19 different roofing companies I struggled to get the project going. However, after some research online, I came across CT1 for the first time which I read about in a Screwfix forum, where a roofer recommended this for tiled roofs opposed to any other glue, sealants or even cement. Following this I also watched several Bald Builders CT1 challenge videos and some of your exhibition videos on the product.

So I put the product to the test by carrying out the tiled roofing repair work myself with my dad. As my dad says, he has never used such a product which exceeds expectations in 60 years of his life. Last year we used 15 CT1 tubes, purchased from Wickes to glue our bonnet/hip tiles. Those are all solid and securely in place. This year we have continued to carry out the roof work to CT1 the remaining tiles where required. I have already purchased 5 tubes from Wickes and 1 box of 12 from Travis Perkins. These tubes of clear CT1 are almost nearly finished and I have 100s more tiles to seal. Therefore I am hoping to purchase at least another 3 boxes of 12 Clear CT1 tubes. I have attached some images for reference.

We are so impressed with the product and have promoted this with family and friends and I would really like to further promote this to my 2500+ social media followers.

Lastly, before I make my purchase of further CT1 (3 boxes of 12), I would love to also use this product out at my holiday home in Mauritius.