CT1 is Creating Waves in Bristol

Case Study – The Wave, Bristol

Customer: Andrew Scott Ltd

Architect: APG Architecture

 CT1, officially voted by an independent survey, as the UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive is a world leading brand that’s made right here in Britain.

CT1 is used by construction professionals in every sector of the industry including roofing contractors, joiners, window suppliers, kitchen fitters, bathroom installers, as well as specialist fit out and building companies working on every possible scale of project from small one off extensions to massive high rise, multi-purpose developments across the country.

CT1 replaces several different sealants and adhesives in one tube. It’s the ultimate snag list eliminator providing permanent sealing and bonding solutions, saving time and money by delivering outstanding performance on almost every type of building material in virtually every application.


CT1 – the specialists choice of Sealant and Adhesives!

When building the groundbreaking Wavegarden Cove project in Bristol, engineering specialists Andrew Scott Ltd needed extremely high preforming, highly deformable and very durable adhesives and sealants guaranteed to endure rigorous and testing conditions in consistently wet conditions, including permanently underwater.

The Wave in Bristol is the brainchild of founders Nick Hounsfield and Craig Stoddart (pictured), who wanted to create a positive, healthy, well-being destination for people.

Designed by APG Architecture, The Wave is a 180m inland surf lake generating up 1000 waves per hour ranging from 50cm in height up to 2m high crashing bodies if water, delivering unrivalled inland surfing experiences suitable for every level from beginners to the seasoned professionals.


Finding Sealant & Adhesive Solutions for Challenging Build Environments

With the originally specified adhesives failing to meet the tough requirements of this complex build, Project Manager Steven Hunt turned to CT1. This was driven by the need for products guaranteed to stand the test of time in harsh, wet conditions, including constantly moving, floating platforms. CT1 delivered superior adhesive and sealant performances while also meeting the client’s environmental and sustainable build values.


CT1’s Unique ‘Tribrid®’ Technology

With unique ‘Tribrid®’ technology CT1 sealant and adhesive is now 3 times stronger, with 350% elongation, secured colour retention and enhanced performance even in the harshest outdoor applications.

Furthermore, CT1 is the high strength, solvent free, environmentally compliant and most ecologically advanced sealant and adhesive available that’s used by construction professionals in every sector of the industry.


CT1 was put through every possible assessment for adhesion, flexibility and strength, exceeding every expectation and providing the architects, specifiers, engineers and clients with assurances and confidence in the success of their project.

CT1 not only delivered during the build phase but it continues to deliver while being tested every day by the harsh environment exacerbated by the strength of moving bodies of water and thousands of users. Such has been the unrivalled success and performance of CT1 it has already been specified on Nick and Craig’s next wave project in Scotland.


CT1 is Made in Britain

CT1 is made in Britain with British technology and British design. Officially voted the UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive by trades people nationwide, CT1 comprises the very best raw materials and is leading the way in quality, service and technological advancements being made in the construction industry.

CT1’s ‘Tribrid®’ technology provides unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. Available in ten different colour options it offers specifiers and construction industry experts greater versatility for use in so many more applications.


Why Use CT1?

Whether you’re an architect, surveyor, specifier, builder, plumber, joiner, roofer, landscaper or DIY enthusiast, CT1 is the sealant and adhesive of choice for every project, packed in every toolbox and immediately on hand to provide the best solution every time.

Here’s just 10 of the reasons why:

  1. Will bond on virtually every type of construction material in most applications including wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, stone, concrete and most plastics.
  2. Incredibly tensile strength of up to 2.9 N/mm2 when fully cured.
  3. Environmentally friendly with no detrimental impact on ecological biodiversity.
  4. Unique flexibility with excellent resistance to vibration and up to 350% elongation.
  5. Works in wet and dry conditions – ideal for marine and boat maintenance.
  6. Ultra-violet Resistant.
  7. Solvent Free and suitable for clinical and clean room environments.
  8. Excellent resistance to chemicals.
  9. Will not shrink, dry out or flake.
  10. Can be painted.

CT1 is available now in all good builders’ merchants nationwide and online from www.ct1.com

CT1 – Often Copied but Never Equalled!

We Innovate – Not Imitate!

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