Case Study – Power Grab ‘n’ Bond for installing external showroom signage without mechanical fixings

Customer: Signal Signs – Omagh

Project: Pat Kirk Car Showroom, Strabane


Power Grab ‘n’ Bond Eliminates the Need for Mechanical Fixings!

Mechanical fixings on bright, new external facades can be ugly and distracting, especially when being installed at the entrance of Pat Kirk Motors stunning new car showroom in Strabane, Northern Ireland.

With clean lines and seamless transitions throughout the building, mechanical fixings where exactly what the architect DID NOT want. This was the challenge presented to Michael from specialist installers McLaughlin Joinery who were tasked with fabricating the entrance and installing the façade design created by Signal Signs on extra-large 1500x3000mm sheets of Dibond® aluminium composite metal panels.


A Stickler for Quality!

Being a real stickler for quality and perfection Michael McLaughlin believes in always using the best materials, tools and brands to ensure the best, most durable and superior finish on his projects. He immediately sourced Power Grab ‘n’ Bond as he knew it is the best construction adhesive in the market, with excellent initial grab and exceptional tensile and sheer strength. Guaranteed to adhere to metal, wood and concrete substrates it totally eliminates the need for additional mechanical fixings.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is developed by leading British manufacturers CT1, the No1 sealant and adhesive in the UK. CT1 is always leading and providing the industry with the very latest technology. Now thanks to its unique ‘Tribrid®’ technology Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is a revolutionary product in the field of heavy-duty versatile bonding.


Why Choose Power Grab ‘n’ Bond?

Working with large Dibond® metal 1500x3000mm panels being installed at height in an external environment Michael and his team needed a solution that would grab, hold and act instantly without needing to be braced and supported. With incredible initial grab, Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is a fast curing, non-shrinking and almost odourless adhesive that held the metal sheets with immediate effect.

Three times stronger than regular hybrid polymers, the ‘Tribrid®’ technology in Power Grab n Bond ensures a phenomenal final tensile strength of 22kg/cm2, yet remains flexible, won’t dry out nor become brittle and will work effectively in temperatures ranging from 90°C right down to the Baltic cold -40°C.

In fact, not only does Power Grab ‘n’ Bond successfully stick Dibond® to wood and concrete it will adhere to all metals (including lead), stone, granite, ytong, marble, MDF, fiberglass, glass, polystyrene, mirrors and most plastics (except PP, PE and PTFE).


Creating a Superior Mechanical Fixing Free Finish

Using a heavy-duty caulking gun, Michael applied Power Grab ‘n’ Bond straight from the cartridge, onto the back of the Dibond® Sheets, allowing it to rest for 4-5minutes to begin activating, before fixing them directly into place.

Originally created for facades and heavy stonework such as the installation of quoins, the versatility, strength and reliability of Power Grab ‘n’ Bond means it now used more widely by professional shop fit out companies as well as specialist trades, landscapers, kitchen fitters and bathroom installers. It is tested by a UKAS Accredited lab to BS EN 12003 (Determination of shear adhesion strength of reaction resin adhesives) and BS EN1308 (Determination of slip resistance).

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond provided the perfect solution as it’s the ultimate grab adhesive, eliminating the use of mechanical fixings completely and coupled with the rapid curing characteristics saved a lot of additional labour time and cost.

Michael said;

“The result is exactly what the architect and client wanted, a stunning external façade, with no unattractive mechanical fixings, that not only makes a statement entrance but creates a stunning backdrop for promo photos of new cars too.”

Grab also ‘n’ Bond is made in Britain with British technology and British design. Its available now in all good builders’ merchants nationwide and online from

CT1 often copied never equalled! We Innovate – Not Imitate!

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