BBC set of Master Chef, The Royals and Star Wars

Ben Leigh owner and director of  Benjamin Leigh Carpentry & Construction, is well known and renowned joinery and construction business in heart of London, contracted out by large players such as the BBC.

The BBC who invest heavily in production and producing award winning shows and series, build sets that fit their reputation. They look for the best and demand the best.

CT1 was the only sealant and adhesive and work as all round product which replaces the other products he needed. A must have product instead of a “Me too” product.  This is for the tradesman that do not want to go back and re do their work and give the best service and craftsman ship they can. Its usually a sealing or a bonding product that fails, but as Ben said “I know I won’t have to go back and re do anything” It truly is “The Snag List Eliminator “.

And only the best will do on winners such as Master Chef, The Royals and Star Wars.

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