Andy Holler – Husht Acoustics

Andy Holler at Husht Acoustics works with National grid on what they would call an interesting project, that could lead to a change in the acoustic/noise controls in Uk and Ireland.

They were installing their acoustic panels to the walls in their underground compressor stations to reduce the noise created from the huge gas pipes moving gas around the country.

CT1 was the only product that could do this. Andy who has used CT1 on various jobs and on multiple government bases projects, said that government based projects  insist on the best product and one with guarantees to work the first time and lasts the test of time. So if a client is looking for a product that guarantees to work, what better product to choose than CT1 with over 25 accreditations !

Andy has also worked on a number of Healthcare facilities and  used  CT1 where again they had to also tread the noise by installing acoustic panels , as Andy said “These facilities do not often allow mechanical fixings and prefer us to us an adhesive that can meet the performance requirements and is not a hazardous substance or potentially harmful and that is why we recommend CT1”.

Again to demonstrate that CT1 being chosen in this instance for its adhesion and non-hazardous properties. CT1 the most safest choice.

Andy Holler
Husht Acoustics

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