Your Questions Answered About BT1 Bathroom Sealant

The latest technology from the creators of CT1, (the first multipurpose sealant and adhesive to replace several products in one), is BT1, the ultimate bathroom sealant and adhesive. BT1 is a revolutionary sealant designed for use in bathroom applications, wet rooms, and all public health institutes. However, BT1 is still a relatively new product to enter the market, and questions have been pouring in from our customers ever since its release.

So, we’d thought we’d answer a few of your questions about the new BT1 bathroom sealant and adhesive product below!


Q1. How does BT1 differ from CT1?

CT1 is a construction adhesive and sealant. It has excellent water resistance and can be used in wet conditions such as those found in bathrooms. However, we wanted to create an even more powerful sealant that would become the world’s best bathroom sealant. So, after a lot of research and development, we created the revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology that’s present in BT1, resulting in a powerful bathroom sealant that can resist mould. However, we’ve also renewed the CT1 formula with this new TRIBRID® Technology, so even the original CT1 that you know and love, has become even stronger than traditional hybrid polymers!


Q2. Can I use BT1 with other products in the CT1 range?

YES! You can use BT1 with our other products in the range such as Multisolve. Multisolve is a multi-purpose solvent designed for the safe removal of sealants and adhesives. It’s ideal for finishing seals and joints. Simply spray Multisolve onto the seal you’ve created with BT1 and go over the seal with a tool or your finger to help create a smooth and clean finish.


Q3. Can BT1 be used to bond shower panels?

BT1 is ETAG approved for bonding shower panels and shower trays. The best part is that you don’t need to use any mechanical fixings to support the bond created by BT1 – all you need is BT1 to effectively bond shower panels and achieve a professional finish.


Q4. How does BT1 resist mould growth?

Thanks to the new TRIBRID® Technology found in BT1’s formula, microbes and bacteria cannot survive on the surface of this sealant. This means that mould and fungal infestations are eliminated completely thanks to the anti-mould properties found in BT1’s unique TRIBRID® polymer composition. This makes it much easier to maintain a clean and hygienic surface.


Q5. Is BT1 safe to use in public health institutions?

BT1 has been tested under MOD IOS 22196:2011 and is proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%. This is an incredible achievement in the world of sealants, where maintaining bacteria-free applications where once impossible. BT1 is a revolutionary anti-bacterial sealant and is effective against a broad spectrum of microbes including MRSA, E. coli and Campylobacter. Therefore, BT1 is perfectly safe to use in all public health institutions such as clinics and hospitals.


Q6. How strong is BT1?

BT1 is an incredibly strong bathroom sealant that delivers a unique durable compound with high elasticity. It is a universal sealant and strong enough to replace the need for silicone sealants, sanitary silicone sealants, acrylic sealants, butyl rubber sealants, and wood and P.U adhesives.

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