Why the NEW TRIBRID® Technology in CT1 is the Future of the Construction Industry

The future of the construction industry is here! CT1, fondly referred to as the Snag List Eliminator, has made ground-breaking waves of change in the building industry since the highly-anticipated launch of its new TRIBRID® technology.

Don’t worry, everything you know and love about the original CT1 formula remains. However, it’s now bigger, better and STRONGER than ever. With over 25 certificates and accreditations under its belt, CT1 has established itself as the number one constriction sealant for contractors, project officers, architects, specifiers, plumbers and anyone who needs a worthy sealant for any job.


Eliminate bacteria from any surface!

One of the most impressive traits of CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology is its ability to eliminate bacteria from literally any surface. The unique formula creates a strong bond upon which bacteria and microbes cannot survive. This means you won’t have to worry about mould developing on the surface of the sealant. Since bacteria can’t breed and multiply on this sealant, CT1 has quickly become one of the safest construction sealants on the market.

This feat was recognised by The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association, who named CT1 (and our new product, BT1) as the healthiest option when it comes to sealants and adhesives. It’s ideal for use in a home where allergy sufferers survive and those with asthma. After all, our homes contain millions of bacteria and can lead to many health issues from breathing difficulties to skin rashes, irritated eyes, headaches and many more. If you want to reduce the risk of asthma and allergy attacks in the home, you need to use CT1. This might involve replacing your old sealant with CT1, but we promise that the long-term benefits of doing so will make it more than worth it.


Achieve a stronger bond!

If you thought CT1’s strength couldn’t get any better, we’re pleased to announce that it has! Thanks to the endless research and work carried out by our team, we’ve managed to exceed all expectations to create a bigger, better and stronger sealant. CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology has improved its strength to 300 N/cm², which has the power to bond even the most challenging substrates such as polyethene. This TRIBRID® technology is unique to CT1 and cannot be repeated or copied in any way. This means that if you want to use a TRIBRID® polymer sealant that has the power to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99% and form strong bonds with a range of materials, CT1 is your only answer.


Why CT1 is the future of sealants

CT1 is environmentally compliant and ISEGA certified. Not to mention it has also been awarded the much sought-after certification – EC1 (Very Low Emission). It can be used in wet or dry conditions, making it a multi-functional sealant that doesn’t let its surroundings or weather conditions get in the way. It’s perfect for marine and boating repairs and has excellent resistance to vibration. On top of all this, it’s odourless, retains its colour long-term and contains no solvents or isocyanates.


Want to find out more about this incredible TRIBRID® technology? Check out this video to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with our latest product videos! 


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