Why is CT1 Adhesive so good for Bonding Lead?

CT1 is a very unique hybrid polymer formulated adhesive that can perform like no other! CT1 adhesive/sealant contains no solvents and is actually 100% Eco – Compliant so it will not react with the lead, also as there are no solvents there will be no shrinkage thus ensuring a continued bond.
CT1 can affix lead to brick or any other base material with a formidable bond strength of 265 N/cm2.
CT1 can adhere onto a wet surface with no difficulty yielding a superb bond for many years. The main reason for this is the unique formulation for this incredible product. The polymeric base achieves a rapid attachment unlike a silicone or epoxy even if the surface is wet. The lead contains natural linseed oil which conventional adhesives find problematic in creating an attachment. Due to its unique formulation it can cope with this without difficulty. Another reason why this material is so difficult to stick long term is there is considerable movement due to extreme change in climate temperature.
CT1 has a 350% elongation break so therefore providing a strong long term bond and in many situations a permanent one. There are some products that will achieve a temporary bond but that’s where it ends due to other factors for example UV which can be one of the most damaging corrosive environmental elements.
Furthermore it has excellent resistance to UV so the bond will have uninterrupted durability. The majority of lead applications are in roofing situations where it is installed to seal against the elements. There are multiple materials involved in the installation such as brick, tile, roofing felt and timber. Where it also had to be attached but also sealed. Bonding and sealing lead to brick is extremely difficult for reasons previously outlined but this adhesive/sealant can perfectly deal with this challenge.
We have had numerous communications from various installers praising how impressed they have been with using our product for adhering and sealing lead. In addition it has been extremely labour saving as there are no revisits due to failures.
So it lives up to its name being “The Snag List Eliminator” as legislation is changing lead will be used less as it is deemed hazardous to the environment and is being replaced with synthetic alternatives. CT1 adhesive/sealant is the most environmentally safe product that can be used on these applications.

CT1 has accredited an EC1 and EC1 A+ certification in relation to extremely low emissions and non-hazardous product. So to conclude CT1 adhesive/sealant is the product of choice for bonding and sealing lead.
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