Why Is BT1 The World’s Best Anti-Mould Adhesive?

What makes a good anti-mould adhesive GREAT?

That’s a good question and one that we’ll be answering in this article. Finding a high-quality bathroom sealant with anti-mould properties was once an impossible task. Many bathroom adhesives claim to resist mould, but as many have come to learn, their promises turned out to be nothing more than clever marketing ploys. The market was in need for a real anti-mould adhesive, which is why the creators of CT1, worked hard to develop the latest advancement in anti-mould adhesives to bring the incredible BT1 anti-mould bathroom sealant to market.

BT1 is a fantastic anti-mould bathroom and shower sealant and adhesive with unique mould resistant properties never before found in sealants. Since its release, people have been fascinated by the power, strength, flexibility, and mould-resistance abilities of BT1. There are many reasons why BT1 has become the world’s best anti-mould adhesive, so let’s get into it!


Unique anti-mould TRIBRID® Technology

Its unique TRIBRID® Technology means that BT1 repels bacteria and fungus. BT1 takes ‘anti-mould adhesive’ to a whole new level. It not only prevents mould from developing on its surface, but it’s also been proven to reduce bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli, and Campylobacter by up to 99.99%. Paired with its low emissions and anti-mould properties, BT1 is one of the world’s healthiest sealants. Using BT1 makes it so much easier to maintain hygienic surfaces throughout the bathroom and beyond. It acts as an incredible sanitaryware product and is effective in places such as hospitals and clinics.


Anti-aging properties

BT1 is truly the best anti-mould sealant. However, it also comes with many other benefits including its anti-aging abilities. What we mean by this is that BT1 will not crack or shrink over time. This type of deterioration is a common problem with cheaper sealants and usually means that it requires a complete overhaul. Thankfully, BT1 stands the test of time. It also won’t discolour like classic silicone sealants that often turn yellow as they age. You can even paint over BT1 if you like using water-based paints.


Quick drying

When you’re looking for the best possible adhesive for bathroom applications, you need to find one that is quick drying. Keep in mind that drying time is different from the curing time. The quicker a sealant dries, the better. If a sealant takes too long to dry, it increases the likelihood of things like dust and dirt finding its way into the sealant. BT1 dries very quickly, which means you don’t have to worry about it picking up grime or dirt while it’s drying. Full cure time is around 24 hours, which isn’t very long at all for a top-quality bathroom sealant.


Ideal for bathroom applications

You can use BT1 for virtually any bathroom application. It works incredibly well in all aspects of bathroom sealing and will successfully bond wood, fibreglass, glass, metal, brickwork, tiles, ceramics, concrete, uPVC, and most plastic (except PP, PE and PTFE). Whether you need an anti-mould adhesive to seal shower trays, basins, baths, shower doors, or tiles, BT1 is the best anti-mould sealant on the market.

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