Why CT1 is the Best Companion for Your Boat

If you’re planning on spending the summer sailing around the coast, you’ll need to be well-prepared in case of any emergencies. Any experienced sailor knows that an extensive repair toolkit is a necessary and possibly life-saving addition to any trip on the seas. But what’s in yours?

Whatever size boat you have, it’s likely that you have to carry a multitude of tools and products with you in the unfortunate event of a breakdown or leak. Even regular maintenance and upkeep of your boat can require a collection of equipment that can make you feel like you’re carrying an entire repair shop with you!

One product you may have multiple different types of is adhesive. Adhesives and sealants are extremely handy for boat use and maintenance. However, carrying many different types for different applications can be financially wasteful as well as space-consuming.

A smarter choice is to pick a catch-all sealant and adhesive that can help you with a variety of boat repair and maintenance applications. CT1 is that sealant. Nicknamed “The Snag List Eliminator”, CT1 is the ultimate sealant and adhesive for a vast range of repairs, restorations, and even regular maintenance on your boat. This powerful product replaces the need for multiple different sealants and adhesives as it can be used for a multitude of applications both inside and outside of your boat.

But what qualities make CT1 suitable for so many different applications?

Firstly, CT1 is highly trusted by experts and professionals who know it can bond and repair in any condition. CT1’s formulation with TRIBRID® technology means it can withstand all manner of weather and temperatures without shrinking or cracking. Exposure to heat, humidity, low temperatures, UV radiation, and salt water, don’t phase CT1. Usually, these conditions would cause sealants and adhesives to warp, shrink, and even crack, as they contain solvents and isocyanates which make the sealant inflexible. You can rest assured that this won’t happen with CT1, as it’s formulated without these limiting attributes.

Secondly, CT1 forms an incredibly strong bond – period. CT1’s bond strength far surpasses that of traditional hybrid polymers, as its TRIBRID® technology formulation makes it three times more powerful! That’s right, 3x more power in just one CT1 tube. CT1 boasts an impressive strength of 300 N/cm² and bonds to many different surface materials with the same unbeatable effectiveness. You can count on CT1 to bond all metals, woods, glass, fibreglass, polystyrene, MDF, tiles, plastics, synthetic materials, and even more difficult substrates that were once impossible to bond to, such as polyethene.

Finally, CT1 cures quickly and can even cure underwater. This is what makes it ideal for any boat repairs, including emergency ones. There’s no need to panic if you have a leak or a crack on board, when you have CT1 as your companion. Apply it to the affected area and watch it instantly seal and bond – then it’s anchors away once more!

To get your hands on CT1, visit any of the 230+ Wickes stores across the UK or order it via the Wickes website.

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