Which Adhesive is Best for Garden Use?

With summer in full swing, you may want to spruce up the outdoor areas of your home. It’s likely that your garden, patio, outdoor furniture, and shed, might have been a bit neglected over the winter months, and need a little TLC to be looking their best once more.

You may be surprised to discover that many garden DIY jobs can be completed with nothing more than a strong sealant and adhesive. All too often, people don’t realise that garden objects don’t need replacing ­– they just need repairing! This can make them good as new again and is a far quicker and more cost-effective way to rejuvenate your garden.

So don’t rush to your local garden centre, head to your local Toolstation instead. Here, you can pick up some CT1, the ultimate sealant and construction adhesive, to help with a variety of garden DIY projects, such as:

  • Fixing cracks in terracotta pots
  • Repairing a leaking pond or fountain
  • Attaching copping to an exterior wall
  • Repairing damage to garden gnomes
  • Attaching roof shingles to a garden house
  • And many more garden projects!

But why choose CT1 over other adhesives?

CT1, known in the construction industry as “The Snag List Eliminator” is a revolutionary sealant and adhesive. It’s trusted by professionals and experts across the home improvement sector to provide a strong, long-lasting bond, even in challenging environments. In fact, its powerful qualities make it a no-brainer for outdoor applications. Let’s dive into why.


  1. It bonds a wide variety of materials with complete effectiveness

CT1 will successfully bond all metals (including lead), glass, mirrors, all woods, MDF, polystyrene, fiberglass, tiles, concrete, most stones (without staining), most synthetic materials, and a variety of plastics. It boasts an incredibly resilient bond strength of 300 N/cm² thanks to its formulation with the formidable TRIBRID® technology. Developed by C-Tec, this TRIBRID® technology ensures that CT1’s power and strength help it remain a leading powerhouse in the sealant and adhesive industry, with no other product rivalling its unparalleled bonding qualities.


  1. It’s waterproof – and even bonds underwater

If a market-leading bond isn’t enough of a reason to invest in CT1 for your garden projects, CT1 is also waterproof. CT1 is designed to withstand all possible trials, including those presented by the weather. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail, may attempt to attack CT1, but even the harshest weather conditions cannot break its unchallengeable bond. This also makes CT1 a brilliant choice for any wet-weather or water-related DIY projects, such as boat restoration and repairs.


  1. It’s UV resistant

CT1’s revolutionary formulation doesn’t stop there. It’s also UV resistant, meaning you don’t need to worry that sun exposure will jeopardise its application. As CT1 is formulated without solvents or isocyanates, it’s uniquely flexible, so it can withstand temperature changes with ease – something other adhesives struggle to do.

These reasons, alongside many more, make CT1 the best and only adhesive for garden use. Pick up yours now. CT1 is widely available at our retail partner, Toolstation. Get yours in-store or online today.

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