What’s the best sealant for a wet room?

Do you have a wet room in your house? If so, you might find that your existing sealant is starting to turn yellow and mouldy in certain areas around the room. This is likely due to the sealant’s inability to prevent and resist mould growth. If left untreated, mould growth in wet rooms can turn into a huge problem and cost you a lot of time and money to fix.

Choosing the best sealant for your wet room is vital if you want long-lasting results that are free from mould and fungal infestation. Whether you’re thinking about installing a new wet room in your home or you want to replace your existing sealant, we’re here to help make sure that you get the best results possible.

BT1 has been proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%, making it the best sealant for a wet room because it prevents mould from ever growing on its surface. This makes it easier to maintain a clean surface, free from bacteria, solvents, isocyanates and mould. It’s great for both regular bathroom applications and wet rooms because of its unique durable compound with high elasticity and its ability to bond with most plastics, even in wet conditions.


What’s the difference between a wet room and a normal shower?

A wet room is usually home to an open shower, or it can be set behind a single wall. For the most part though, the shower space is completely open plan. This means that the water from the shower head flows down a drain in the floor. Adding a walk-in shower to your wet room can make your home look more attractive to potential buyers, which is just one of the reasons why they’re so popular.


BT1: The best sealant for a wet room

It’s important that you use the right sealant for your wet room. You’ll need to seal your wet room shower to help ensure that moisture doesn’t penetrate beneath the surrounding tiles. Using BT1, the best sealant for a wet room, helps to make sure that the joints are properly sealed. You’ve also got to seal the drain and the corners, where moisture can often build up and lead to common issues such as cracks, leaks and mould.

Thankfully, you won’t experience any of these problems when you use BT1 to seal your wet room. BT1’s unique formulation is based on our revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology. As the first of its kind, BT1 is a wet room sealant upon which bacteria and microbes cannot survive. This means you won’t see mould developing in your wet room when you use BT1 as your wet room sealant.

BT1 forms a durable compound with high elasticity and can be applied even in wet conditions, making it the best wet room sealant for any application. It successfully bonds a wide range of materials and you can even use BT1 to bond shower panels without needing any additional mechanical fixings.

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