What’s the best bathroom sealant?

Finding the world’s best bathroom sealant was once a difficult task but when C-Tec launched BT1, history changed forever. BT1 is the latest development in bathroom sealant technology, breaking barriers that previous bathroom sealants could not. Its unique bonding and sealing ability in wet rooms and even underwater makes BT1 the most trustworthy and dependable bathroom sealant to ever hit the market.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn more about BT1 and why it’s quickly been named the world’s best bathroom sealant!


Strong and long-lasting bonds

When you’re looking for an ideal bathroom sealant, you need to make sure that you go for something that can create a strong bond that lasts. The last thing you want to do is use a low-quality bathroom sealant that turns yellow over time and needs constant attention. BT1 won’t lose its colour or its incredible strength. BT1 successfully bonds a range of materials and creates a smooth bond that will not lose its adhesion strength over time.


Bonds to a range of materials

BT1 will successfully bond woods, metals, brickwork, concrete, fiberglass, glass, ceramic and uPVC. It doesn’t only bond with these materials, but it creates a super strong bond that doesn’t attack the synthetic material of the two surfaces you’re bonding. When it comes to using BT1 in the bathroom to bond shower trays and/or to seal baths and showers, you can trust BT1 to create and preserve the quality of the bond on a long-term basis.


Revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology

Unlike anything else on the market, BT1 is based on our TRIBRID® Technology. As a triple threat, BT1 is an excellent bathroom sealant for domestic use, commercial use and for use in all public health institutions such as hospitals and clinics. Once cured, BT1 will not shrink or crack over time, which is often one of the main downfalls of regular bathroom sealants.


Water resistant technology

Bathroom sealants must be water resistant, but just because it claims to be waterproof on the label, doesn’t always make it so. However, BT1 has been scientifically proven to adhere to a range of surfaces even underwater and seawater. BT1 is the perfect bathroom sealant because it can bond to materials, including most plastics, even in wet conditions. What more could you want from your bathroom sealant?


Mould and fungal resistant

Since bathrooms are usually wet and damp areas, you need an anti-mould bathroom sealant that can withstand and prevent bacteria and mould from growing on its surface. With its unique TRIBRID® Technology formulation, BT1 is a bathroom sealant where bacteria and microbes cannot survive. In fact, BT1 reduces bacteria in the bathroom by up to 99.99% and is even effective against a broad spectrum of microbes including MRSA, E. coli and Campylobacter. With its very low emissions and high elasticity, BT1 is the highest quality bathroom sealant in today’s market. Since it prevents mould growth, it also makes it much easier to clean and maintain a more hygienic surface free from solvents and isocyanates.

Want to find out more about BT1? Click here to watch a video of BT1 in action and learn more about this revolutionary bathroom sealant!

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