What’s new from C-Tec the CT1 PEOPLE?

We at C-Tec continually strive to improve in every aspect from product improvement to customer service. The continuous success of our CT1 Sealant/Adhesive with its unique ability to replace several sealants and construction adhesives has spurned us to introduce an exciting new development.

In some bonding applications in the past, it was extremely difficult to reach certain areas whilst the restrictions of a caulking gun made it literally impossible to get the job done. So C-Tec solved this problem by eliminating the need for a caulking gun. Unbelievable! But yes, it’s true. We now introduce CT1 No-Gun Sealant & Adhesive in a handy dispenser without the need of a caulking gun. This enables the user to carry out what was once deemed as an expensive repair, into an inexpensive one.

This was not the only reason why we developed this new package as there are many people who are physically restricted, perhaps through arthritis, rheumatism, or due to the loss of use of an arm or hand, that were physically unable to use a caulking gun. CT1 No Gun now makes it possible. In addition to this, many DIY enthusiasts (male or female) were also considered by C-Tec when developing this product.


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