What’s new from C-Tec the CT1 PEOPLE?

We at C-Tec continually strive to improve in every aspect of our services from product improvement to customer service. The continuous success of our CT1 Sealant/Adhesive with its unique ability to replace several sealants and construction adhesives in just one cartridge has spurned C-Tec to introduce an exciting new C-Tec development.

In some applications where it was difficult to reach certain areas, the restrictions of a caulking gun made it impossible to do the job. So C-Tec solved this problem by eliminating the need for a caulking gun altogether. This may sound unbelievable at first, but it is 100% true.

C-Tec No-Gun CT1 Sealant & Adhesive is in a handy dispenser that doesn’t require any kind of caulking gun. This enables the user to carry out their task in far less time and with far less elbow grease. Without a caulking gun, you simply point and apply the product where it is needed. You no longer have to work around the gun as CT1 works around you instead.

In addition to this, what was once deemed as an expensive repair is now considered to be an inexpensive repair with CT1 sealant. It is definitely a cheaper alternative, providing cost effective solutions. In the past, professionals where probably best suited to apply sealants and adhesives. Now however, anyone can get the job done thanks to an easy application process.

This was not the only reason C-Tec developed this new package as there are many people who are physically restricted for a variety of reasons such as arthritis, rheumatism, or lose the use of an arm that made them unable to use a caulking gun. CT1 No Gun now makes it possible. In addition, many DIY enthusiasts, whether they are male or female, were also considered by C-Tec when developing CT1 No Gun. Limitations have been cleared away to make room for this impressive and productive sealant and adhesive.

Despite there being a new cartridge on the outside, the product remains the same on the inside. This powerful construction sealant will bond a huge variety of materials from concrete to wood and plastic etc. It is also water resistant and even bonds materials that are submerged in water. It does so without sacrificing bonding strength and flexibility. CT1 is able to withstand extreme temperatures whilst never giving in to cracking, shrinking or even sagging.

C-Tec are constantly researching and developing new ways to improve their products and performance. We strive to better ourselves and our company each day, coming up with new innovative improvements and additions to add to our growing multitude of products. CT1 has even been named as The Snag List Eliminator because of its incredible performance as a sealant, filler and adhesive that gives results, not excuses. From CT1 to our unique Multi-Solve solvent and sealant remover, C-Tec has it all. Whatever your problem, we have the solution.


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