What removes paint from a metal garage door?

With the expansive surface of an eye catching garage door it is essential to prepare the base material properly before attempting to apply a fresh coat of paint. In fact the most difficult aspect of this paint job is removing the old worn coat of paint. For painters, the traditional options represent time consuming tiresome methods. Whether you opt for the blow torch and manual scraper choice to heat and remove the paint or deploy a paint stripper with the inherent toxic chemical fumes and the potential of having to revisit the job a number of times to ensure an adequately clean surface – it is a bit of a nightmare. Then there is the follow up cleaning job to wipe the resulting residue from the door surface that may well reveal a further layer of paint that has stubbornly refused to move. It is all such a laborious effort.The question on everyone’s lips is – why has an alternative solution not been found? To their relief and delight C Tec proudly announce the arrival of an amazing solution – an innovative product that removes paint quickly, safely and efficiently. It joins the successful C Tec family of sealants and adhesives that are revolutionary products to the Construction Industry and are receiving such universal acclaim.

A new, safe, efficient, fast acting solution has arrived.

This innovative development is a painter’s dream come true. Garage Doors can be prepped in a fraction of the time that traditional methods took to remove the old paint and indeed with much greater ease. The arrival of this paint removal solution on the market is no accident. It is the result of the endeavours and hard work of the C Tec team to complete a Research and Development process that was specifically designed to create an effective safe and fast solution for removing paint from almost any material. This revolutionary product thankfully dispenses with all those lengthy operations that were historically associated with paint removal and provides a fast clean safe method that is proven to be very efficient. Painters and decorators find this product to be very proficient and it has become, de facto, an essential part of their daily work kit.

In comparison with all other paint removal solutions C Tec’s invention has become the number one choice of painters across Europe. Distributors stock it in quantity knowing the effectiveness and growing popularity of this indispensable product in building and decorating circles. Not only is it an efficient agent for removing paint but it possesses other characteristics that make it the complete package. Packaged in a neat 500 ml aerosol container it is easily applied through a unique nozzle that allows the delivery of the exact amount of product. Within ten minutes it reacts with the target surface allowing you to peel off the unwanted layer of paint with a peeler. There is no need for mechanical sanders or any other apparatus and no horrible mess to clean up. It is fast and safe unlike the harsh solvents that were used in the past. Peel Tec is the new invention. It has been developed with safety as well as efficiency in mind. It does not radiate any toxic fumes or vapours and is Methyl Chloride free.This amazing product is also free of any toxic emissions or vapours and produces a residue that can easily be scraped away leaving a clinically clean surface ready for a new coat of paint. Thanks to Peel Tec, metal garage doors can be restored to their former cosmetic glory with minimal effort and professional results.

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