What Paint Remover Won’t Damage the Base Surface?

Removing paint with traditional paint strippers is not only a challenge for the person tasked with the job, but it also can cause serious damage to the base material. Using paint remover often means preparing yourself for a heavily manual and laborious process that requires hazardous paint remover methods. This includes everything from harsh solvents to blasting, thermal stripping and so on. All of these methods can damage the surface beneath the paint you want to remove, leaving marks, scratches and other unwanted defects. So, what paint remover won’t damage the base surface? Does such a thing even exist? Let’s find out…


The problem with traditional paint removers

Before we reveal the paint remover that can gently remove paint without leaving any damage, let’s talk about the methods that came before it. Understanding the potential dangers of some of the world’s most common paint remover methods will help you make a better-informed decision when it comes to choosing your next paint remover:


Caustic Strippers


First, you’ve got classic caustic strippers, which rarely work without causing additional problems in its path. The high pH contained inside the solution poses serious risks to the safety of operators and chemical burns are more common than you might think. On top of that, they have poor compatibility with many materials, which means they can cause damage and residual paint is almost always left behind, giving you even more work after the initial process.



Harsh solvents traditionally used methylene chloride, which is now a restricted chemical in Europe and is banned across the entire EU. Solvents containing this chemical were deemed unsafe to use for both the consumer market and professional users. The main reasons are due to the high number of health and safety concerns. Exposure to such solvents can lead to serious illnesses including unconsciousness, respiratory failure, pulmonary oedema and many more.


Thermal Stripping

Applying heat to paint makes it soft and easier to remove. However, heat applications like this are rarely energy efficient and can release toxic gases. Not to mention the heat can lead to serious burns on both the worker and the base material.


What’s the solution?

The safest solution for paint removal is C-Tec’s Peel Tec. Peel Tec is an industry-changing paint remover that releases no dangerous vapours or causes any accidental scratching to the base surface of the material. Peel Tec leaves a clue in its name and that’s the fact that it peels the paint away and doesn’t burn it off. This means you won’t have to worry about burning yourself or the material beneath the paint.

Peel Tec works fast at removing the paint and it’s super easy to use. Simply spray and wait for around 10 minutes. Like magic, the paint starts to peel away from the base material, leaving it ready for removal. This safe paint remover is unbelievably versatile and works on a range of different materials with the same effectiveness and clinical efficiency.


Where can I buy Peel Tec?

PeelTec is now available to purchase in Crown Decorating Centres.

Crown Decorating Centres are also stocking CT1, the Number 1 Sealant & Adhesive along with Multisolve, the ultimate multi-purpose solvent for the safe removal of adhesives and sealants.

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