What makes Miracle Seal the most effective leak sealant.

Heating systems, whether domestic, industrial or automotive, can develop leaks in hoses, pumps and valves. Seals in the heating and cooling network can also fail overtime causing leaks that immobilise the heating or cooling system. Plumbing leaks in home heating radiators or pipes occur due to number of factors – poor initial installation, prolonged freezing temperatures in unprotected systems, mechanical faults or chemical reactions. Poorly soldered joints during installation processes can eventually succumb to water leaks; elbowed pipes can create a tiny kink or ripple in the pipes which will develop into a leak; pipes running through joists will develop a leak through constant vibration if not properly installed.  Even vehicle engines can develop hairline cracks in their blocks due to extreme temperatures or mechanical malfunctions. In domestic heating systems, chemical corrosion can occur. Crystallisation can take effect in water in heating systems stripping zinc from copper pipes. The consequence of this chemical reaction is the creation of an acidic solution that erodes the most fragile parts – the joints – and leads to leaks. The most obvious sign of this phenomenon is green crystal on the surface of copper pipes. The most common source of leaks in home heating systems is prolonged exposure to sub zero temperatures. This proves most severe where pipes are not properly lagged with protective covering and can cause untold flooding damage to any home if not checked immediately. These are the main causes of water leaks in domestic heating systems – the essential thing is how to stop or avoid such leaks and mitigate potential flooding disaster and an expensive clean up and system repair.

A revolutionary new sealant product seals leaks instantly and effectively.

A revolutionary new sealant product from CT1 has effectively provided a long awaited leak sealing solution that not only stops actual leaks instantly but preempts potential leaks developing throughout heating systems. This amazing sealant named Miracle Seal has a real application in heating/cooling systems across the domestic, commercial, industrial and automotive sectors. A water based formula with anti corrosive and lubricating components it seals instantly without clogging any part of the heating/cooling system and embodies the most effective leak sealant. It is described as revolutionary due to its capability to do what it says on the tin – to coin a cliched marketing slogan. It works efficiently in both open and closed systems curing leaks permanently without compromising the flow of water through the network of pipes, pumps and valves. Its non adhesive quality ensures that the heating system does not clog up and it works effectively on both metal and plastic pipes. It acts as an efficient inhibitor and is compatible with antifreeze. Miracle Seal, as its name suggests, is an all round perfect leak solution that can avoid expensive labour intensive repairs to heating systems and dispense with the added cost of having to purchase new replacement parts. This organic non adhesive sealant product has quickly become the ‘go to’ sealant product for all water leaks in heating and cooling systems and has received wide acclaim from plumbers, automotive technicians and operatives  from many other industrial sectors as well as the DIY market. It is easy to administer – you simply pour the bottle of sealant into the radiator or heating system header tank and it gets to work immediately. Similarly with an automotive application, you flush out the old coolant, open the heating valve and run the engine until warm. You then pour the Miracle Seal into the radiator allowing it to flow into the system for about five minutes after which you top up with water. You then have a leak free system which will prove a permanent leak solution.


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