What is the world’s best anti-mould shower sealant?

Are you tired of replacing your shower sealant every year because it’s turned black with mould?


Wouldn’t it be great if there was an anti-mould shower sealant that could resist mould and save you a lot of time, hassle and money?

Well, thanks to C-Tec, there is! BT1 is the latest development in bathroom sealant and adhesive technology with the unique ability to prevent mould growth. With its excellent adhesion, durability and flexibility, BT1 provides a long-lasting water-resistant seal that reduces bacteria by up to 99.99%. With statistics like that, you can’t afford not to use BT1, the world’s best anti-mould shower sealant. But before we get into why this new anti-mould shower sealant is so powerful, we need to understand why showers get mouldy in the first place and why it’s something you need to avoid.


Why does mould grow on showers?

Mould thrives in showers because of the humidity and excess water. Even if you clean your shower regularly, mould will still grow because of the perfect breeding conditions. In winter, mould growth often worsens and becomes even more apparent, appearing in every crack and crevice inside your shower and other areas of your bathroom too. Some of the most common places you’ll find mould in the shower includes the shower grout, caulk, behind and around shower tiles, walls, ceilings, curtains and in shower drains.

Obviously, having black mould growing in and around your shower is not a pretty sight. But it’s not just the repulsive appearance that you should be worried about. Mould can trigger a range of physical symptoms, mainly targeting those who have allergies, asthma or weakened immune systems. A few common symptoms include headaches, skin irritation, rashes, sneezing, itchy eyes, breathing difficulties, chronic fatigue, fever and many more.


How to get rid of mould with an anti-mould shower sealant

Although you might not be experiencing any of these symptoms right now, if you don’t tackle the problem quickly, prolonged exposure can affect your health and increase your sensitivity to mould over time. Cleaning the mould solves the problem in the short-term but it doesn’t tackle the root cause of the issue. Without using an anti-mould shower sealant, you’ll leave your shower open to further mould-growth down the line.

To prevent mould growing in your shower, you need to use a bathroom and shower sealant that has anti-bacterial properties to eliminate mould build-up. BT1 is based on our revolutionary TRIBRID® technology, which is unlike anything the market has ever seen. This TRIBRID® technology means that bacteria/microbes cannot survive. Using this sealant to seal your shower trays and tile your walls, etc., means that you not only get the perfect finish you’re looking for, but you’ll never have to wash disgusting black mould from your shower again.

The quickest and best way to remove mould from bathroom sealant is to remove the old sealant completely. That way, you can start again with BT1, an anti-mould and waterproof sealant that’s free of solvents and isocyanates.

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