What is the most effective varnish stripper?

The most effective varnish stripper should provide a thoroughly clean material surface that is well prepared for a new coat of varnish. A half cooked job will result in a revarnish that shows unsightly runs and other undesirable blemishes. Therefore it behoves the operative to ensure that the product actually does what it claims on the tin. The question is how do you know what solution is best for the task in hand? The answer is often found in the experiences of other operatives tasked with removing layers of old varnish from different material surfaces. There are numerous varnish stripping products on the market but there are safety issues with them. One of the most poignant is the problem of solvents being too caustic which can result in damage to the base material. Another is the presence of Methyl Chloride in the solution formulation. This chemical presents a health risk to operatives and third parties and is not a desirable ingredient in any varnish stripper. Other traditional methods of stripping varnish have their own inherent weaknesses and deficiencies. Heat treatment is a slow tedious means of removing varnish and can produce nauseating fumes and smoke which can cause respiratory discomfort and stinging eyes. Using manual and electric sanders is also a laborious process producing dust that can create ill effects such as respiratory problems and sore eyes. Solvents are very harsh and need to be tested on concealed areas of the target surface to ensure they do not damage the material. They can also produce nauseating as well as toxic vapours so they require careful vetting before wide-scale deployment. The Construction Industry have been waiting for the arrival of an innovative varnish stripper that ticks all the technical and safety boxes and provides the Paint and Decorating sector with an effective solution to varnish removal.  Their wishes have been granted with the launch of C Tec’s amazing varnish stripper ‘Peel Tec’.

The ideal varnish stripper has recently been developed

Peel Tec is not only efficient and safe but is easily applicable with no overspill and produces a residue that peels effortlessly away. In doing so it it produces a damage free varnish ready surface. This varnish stripper was researched and developed  specifically for the Construction Industry by C Tec and joins the C Tec family of sealants and adhesives that are highly acclaimed under the collective name – the ‘Snag List Eliminator’. The formulation of Peel Tec ensures it is Methyl Chloride free, which is a major relief for operatives and third parties alike. This allays any fears of product health risk connected to its chemical formula. Its application from an aerosol container is via a unique nozzle that delivers the correct amount of product to the right place. The spray content quickly metamorphoses into a gel that gets to work immediately on dissolving the old layer or layers of varnish. Within ten minutes of contact with the varnish layer this solution has done its work and the resultant residue can be easily peeled away to leave a surface that is well prepared for a new coat of varnish. It can be used with confidence knowing it will not damage the material base or cause any safety issues.

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