What is the healthiest sealant for hospitals?

Controlling the spread of infection and bacteria is a top priority in clinics and hospitals. To help with this, hospitals must use a safe waterproof sealant within areas such as the bathrooms to help prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the establishment. Some traditional waterproof sealants are susceptible to bacterial growth and mould infestation, which can become a serious problem in a hospital environment.

If you want to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould, you must use a healthy sealant option that has been tested to reduce bacteria and maintain a hygienic surface. So, where can you find the healthies sealant for hospitals?


Introducing the world’s #1 healthiest sealant!

If you’re looking for a healthy sealant to use in public health institutions, you won’t find a better or healthier option than BT1. BT1 is the ultimate bathroom sealant and adhesive with a unique formula based on revolutionary TRIBRID® technology. This new technology eliminates bacteria, which means microbes cannot survive on its surface. This is good news for hospitals as maintaining a hygienic surface is much easier when the sealant used has the ability to resist harmful bacteria from breeding.

BT1 is also free of solvents and isocyanates, which means you don’t have to worry about mould or fungal growth spreading within the hospital where the sealant is used. Mould can cause a heap of health issues from triggering asthma symptoms to causing the spread of rashes, breathing difficulties, runny noses, and irritated eyes. Black spots often appear on regular sealants where the sealant has been exposed to warm, moist and/or wet conditions such as those found within hospital showers and bathrooms.

If left untouched, the mould will continue to spread and worsen over time. To eliminate the problem, you can use an anti-mould sealant such as BT1. It’s the world’s first scientifically proven sealant to have the ability to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%. On top of this, BT1 is extremely effective against a wide spectrum of microbes. This includes E.coli, MRSA and even Campylobacter. With very low emissions, high elasticity and durable bonding strength, you won’t find a better hospital sealant than BT1.

So, if you’re wondering what is the healthies sealant for hospitals, BT1 is the definitive answer. And, we’re not the only ones to think so! Since mould and fungus poses a threat to people who have allergies and/or asthma, it’s important to keep triggers of these and other types of hypersensitivities as low as possible. Doing so will help ensure optimal quality of life for those with such allergies and this is one of the main reasons why we worked so hard to ensure that BT1 could repel harmful bacteria that could potentially trigger someone’s allergies. We succeeded in our mission and as a result, The Norwegian Asthma Association named BT1 the healthiest option when it comes to bathroom sealants and adhesives.

If you’re searching for the healthiest sealant for hospitals and other public health institutions, choose BT1: The safest and healthiest bathroom sealant and adhesive!

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