What is the best way to strip varnish from a pine table?

Varnished pine tables are an attractive feature in rustic themed homes, rustic restaurants and village cafes. Unfortunately with ageing and general wear and tear they begin to lose their lustre and cosmetic appeal. Irrespective of their use, either domestic or business they will require a face lift at some point with a new coat of varnish to restore their clean, shiny original look that made them such an attractive feature in the first place. Applying a new coat of varnish is best done by an experienced painter decorator but can be applied competently by an experienced and skilled DIY enthusiast. However that is generally not the issue. The greatest challenge with this task is preparing the material surface for the paint application. The methodology used traditionally is neither safe nor completely effective and proves to be a tiresome lengthy process. The question of what is the best way to strip varnish from a pine table has never been satisfactorily resolved when referencing the traditional methods and their shortcomings. Heat treatment, including the blowtorch, have their drawbacks with irritating fumes and smoke whilst the manual and powered sanding methods produce eye stinging dust that also irritates the respiratory tract. The third most widely used method of harsh solvent application has its own inherent health dangers which make it almost prohibitive. These processes are collectively a slow solution to varnish stripping and have painters literally pulling their hair out in frustration. A saviour paint stripper product that ticks all the plus boxes has arrived on the market to redefine the whole procedure of removing varnish safely, effectively and quickly from a pine table.

The solution to stripping varnish is a fast, efficient and safe stripper.

There is an effective solution to stripping varnish in the form of Peel Tec. This innovative and very effective paint stripping product has been designed and developed by C Tec. specifically for the Construction Industry. It qualifies on every important aspect of competency as an efficient paint or varnish stripping agent. As a Methyl Chloride free formulation it has an added appeal to a consumer population that is concerned about the safety of all consumer products. This CTec invention joins the Company’s successful family of sealants and adhesives as another Snag List Eliminator. Its effectiveness is borne out by the many accolades it is receiving from the Construction Industry at large and in particular from the Painting and Decorating sector. Reviews indicate that it is fast working, very efficient and that the resulting residue is easily peeled away to reveal a clinically clean and undamaged base well prepared for the application of a new coat of varnish. Peel Tec is available in a handy aerosol with a unique nozzle that delivers the exact amount of spray, which converts to a gel, onto the target surface area. On application it gets to work immediately, corroding the varnish within ten minutes and allowing removal of the residue with a quick peel away effort using a scraper. This versatile varnish stripper is non abrasive and does not cause damage to the base area. It leaves a thoroughly clean surface for a coat of new restorative varnish to transform your pine table

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