What is the best way to strip paint from a metal garden planter?

By its very nature a metal garden planter is continually exposed to extremes of weather and temperature which can have a material destructive effect over time.  Consequently the surface paint cracks and discolours necessitating the need to repaint regularly to protect the planter against rust and metal degradation and to provide an attractive appearance that matches and compliments the greenery, multicoloured flowers and garden shrubs planted in the metal pot. Older models, which are now much sought after artefacts for use as features at the front entrance of a house or other prime locations, were not powder coated or zinc dipped as modern pots are but were manufactured with a raw metal finish. They were designed to be surface painted for both cosmetic and preservation purposes. As stripping the old paint work back is a mandatory prerequisite for a repaint it is essential to use the right product to remove the paint without damaging the material base or compromising the application of a new coat of paint. Ideally the paint stripping solution should be easily applicable and the resulting residue easily removed to reveal a clinically clean base, well prepared for a new coat of paint. The paint stripping product must also be fast and safe to qualify as a satisfactory solution and that is proving a sticking point with traditional paint strippers none of which are safe. As available paint stripping methods they also have certain inadequacies. Heat treatment is a slow laborious process which can actually scorch the material and produce eye and airways irritation. Solvents can also damage material bases and emit unpleasant and harmful vapours. Mechanical methods such as powered and manual sanding is laborious and a dust producing process which can also irritate the respiratory system and the eyes. You still have to find a safe and efficient paint stripper to strip paint successfully from your metal garden planter.

An efficient and safe paint stripper has been recently developed.

There is now an excellent safe solution available for stripping paint which overcomes the inadequacies of traditional methods. It is a product named ‘Peel Tec’ which comes from the C Tec family of sealants and adhesives designed specifically for the Construction Industry.  Its safety credentials are built into its formulation which is Methyl Chloride free and that requisite quality resonates strongly with a safety conscious consumer population of potential product users. It fulfils the technical criteria for an effective paintstripper providing the required staged outcomes. It applies easily from an aerosol container with a unique nozzle, dissolving the paint quickly into an easily removable residue which can be peeled away within ten minutes of application. It leaves a clinically clean surface for the effective application of a new coat of paint that will protect the planters metal surface from potential rusting whilst enhancing its cosmetic appearance. Peel Tec is the most effective and safe paint stripping solution on the market as extolled by distributors and tradespeople alike.

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