What is the best way to strip paint from a chest of drawers?

There are a number of ways of stripping paint from a chest of drawers but unfortunately the traditional methods fall short of requirements in terms of efficiency, safety and speed. There are several considerations worth bearing in mind when undertaking the task, all related to the proficiency of the paint removing solution. Since we are dealing with a piece of interior bedroom furniture there is a certain duty of care to be observed when stripping off the paint. When a professional paint finish is desired and expected a thorough preparation of the chest of drawers is necessary. That means using a product that will provide a clinically clean wood surface that is receptive to a new coat of paint. To avoid any blemishes or defects in the paint process you must begin with a clean dry material surface only achievable by deploying an effective, safe and fast working paint stripper. If a proper solution is not used you will have to tolerate a less than perfect paint job that will look tacky, unprofessional and out of place in an otherwise pretty bedroom setting. The traditional methods of stripping paint, that are less than satisfactory, include using a blowtorch to scorch the paint which on occasion can burn the wood emitting fumes that sting the eyes. Mechanical sanding either electrical or manual both have their drawbacks in that they create dust which is disagreeable to the operative’s respiratory system. Solvent deployment is the third method which is harsh and abrasive and difficult to fully control.

These tried and tested methods of stripping paint are neither totally safe nor effective and constitute a methodology that painters are not particularly satisfied with. A new more reliable product is needed and that has come to fruition with the development of C Tec’s amazing paint stripping product that has all the requisite properties for the complete paint stripping solution

A revolutionary fast paint stripper that is effective and safe.

The ideal solution for stripping paint from your chest of drawers combines all the necessary qualities to ensure your wood surface is cleaned meticulously of the layers of old paint and left ready to receive a new coat of paint that will adhere to the prepared surface which is free of unwanted scratches or damage. This new formulation, which is Methyl Chloride free, consigns the traditional methods to the distant past. It is vapourless and is applied as a spray gel from an aerosol. Within ten minutes of spraying the solution onto the chest of drawers the paint will dissolve leaving a residue that can be removed quite effortlessly. The product takes its name from this simple residue removal process – Peel Tec. With this paint stripping solution the paint simply peels away leaving a clean base. The product mantra of “Don’t burn it. Peel it!” encapsulates the concept of how this paint remover actually works. According to the Construction Industry, for which it was designed, it is a truly revolutionary revelation with an increasing popularity that is testified through exponential sales across Europe. Trade Painters claim that it is the best painter’s mate to come on the market – it is easy to apply, fast to get to  work, effortless to remove the dissolved paint residue and provides a clean object surface. Peel Tec is easy to use from a handy aerosol with a unique nozzle that dispenses the right amount of product to the exact area. This efficient paint stripper reduces labour as the process is faster than any traditional method and its versatility makes it a product for practically all materials.

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