What is the best way to stick stone tiles to an exterior wall?

An exterior wall can be embellished from both an architectural and decorative perspective with the additional installation of complimentary stone tiles. The wide choice of stone types, colours, textures and shapes can provide the unique ambience you wish to create whether it is a gable end, perimeter wall or patio surround wall. The overriding concern is how to instal the stone tiles effectively. There are a number of proprietary brands that claim to be efficient adhesives but the drawback is their inability to comply with safe criteria. You need to find a product that ticks a comprehensive list of criteria for a safe effective adhesive/sealant – and that can be a challenging task! The desired adhesive and sealing attributes have not been clearly identifiable in a single traditional product and that raises concerns regarding the availability of a solution that fulfils the full criteria for efficiency, safety and longevity.

Thankfully there is no need to search any further as a revolutionary new product that ticks the requisite boxes has been recently developed to cover all the essential criteria for a viable adhesive/sealant. It has an amazing grab ability, is safe in its formulation in complying with basic food regulations and is eco-friendly. From a technical performance perspective it works superlatively providing excellent adherence to any material surface with the exception only of polypropylene. It also accommodates a simultaneous seal that protects the integrity of the product enabling it to resist external pressures including temperature and weather extremes, prolonging its bonding integrity and longevity.

Glue your stone tiles with a revolutionary adhesive/sealant.

The new revolutionary adhesive/sealant has been designed and developed specifically for the Construction Industry. This eponymous product is the invention of C Tec who are the home to a range of very successful construction sealants and adhesives that enjoy a European wide popularity and distribution. CT1, the lead product, is highly acclaimed as the one stop shop for efficient, safe and long lasting adhesive sealant requirements. It combines the dual attributes of bonding and sealing to provide a product that retains its integrity in wet, very cold and very hot conditions. Its unique formulation enables it to be applied effectively on any material surface, excluding polypropylene, in any conditions. It can even be applied effectively in under water circumstances to provide a perfect long lasting seal. Its hybrid formulation is UV resistant, enabling flexibility in the adhesive, so it can accommodate any movement in the bonded materials with no resulting shrinkage, cracking, expansion or loss of adhesion. The fact that it can be spread effectively under water makes it the ideal solution for many applications including the marine industry and its bonding sealant attributes make it the go-to solution for the exterior installation of stone tiles. It has de facto become the go-to adhesive/sealant in every trade person’s kit – always accessible for that quick efficient bonding and sealing fix.

CT1 has amazing tensile strength, is odourless, solvent-free and is resistant to fungal growth and corrosion . It is environmentally compliant with an ECI and ECIA+ certificate and contains no petro chemicals in its formulation. It also has an excellent resistance to chemicals. It conforms to  ISEGA standards which makes it food safe and ideal for the food and medical industry. The product’s versatility and amazing bonding performance has earned it the appropriate title of the ‘Snag List Eliminator’.The solution now comes in a ‘no gun required’ cartridge that delivers product automatically at the touch of a finger – dispensing with the need for a caulking or mastic  gun.

Travis Perkins are very happy to be the main stockists of CT1 in the UK and are geared towards ever growing sales of a product that is in increasing demand from an appreciative continent wide consumer base.

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