What is the best way to seal a leak in a concealed central heating pipe in the ceiling space?

If you have a persistent wet patch on your ceiling and an accompanying water drip then you probably  have a water leak from a pipe running through your ceiling joists. Historically the solution is to cut out the area of the damp plaster board to access the leaking pipe so repairs  can be carried out. That process is dirty, time consuming and expensive. Unless you have experience with plumbing and can effect the repair yourself you are going to have to employ a plumber to make the repairs and another trades-person to replace and plaster the replacement plasterboard. The leak can be the result of either poor pipe installation allowing movement in the joist, bad solder joints or compression joints not properly tightened. Chemical corrosion can also cause weakening of the pipes and eventual leaking.The end result unfortunately is a water leak that can cause havoc if not remedied quickly. The solution is to find a curing method that will eliminate all collateral damage resulting from tearing down the plasterboard ceiling. You really need a liquid product that can be poured into the heating system curing the leak from within. The challenge is to find an efficient and safe sealant that not only seals the leak but does not clog the system or corrode the seals or moving parts of the water pump. The product also needs to be compatible with both copper and plastic pipes and should be capable of working in both open and closed heating systems. It is a very tall order to find a product that complies fully with that criterion. There are proprietary solutions on the market but it is imperative to ensure they are effective on all counts. You do not want to apply a solution that could exacerbate the corrosion situation or cause blockages in the pipe system.

A revolutionary new sealant comes to the rescue

Where there is new technology and improved effective water leak cures for water leaks, there is always hope of a definitive solution to the leaking central heating pipes in the ceiling space. A miraculous new solution has become available in the form of the eponymous Miracle Seal, developed and manufactured by C Tec, the home of CT1 and a family of  illustrious sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry. This revolutionary, scientifically constructed product will cure all leaks in both open and closed heating systems. Its versatility and compatibility makes it suitable for use in both copper and plastic pipes and as testified in many reviews it does what it says on the tin. It not only cures the immediate leak bit mitigates against any future leaks by sealing the whole system. This liquid solution can be poured directly into the central heating loop and will go to work immediately in curing the leak. You simply have to shake the product container well and then apply as instructed. As a non adhesive based product it will not clog the system, unlike polymer based alternatives, which is a major plus in its favour. This revolutionary solution is non corrosive and contains added lubricants that protect the water pump and its seals against any degradation. It ticks all the positive and essential product criteria boxes from every conceivable perspective making it a safe as well as an effective deal sealer. Miracle Seal by name and miracle cure by nature, this innovative sealant product is receiving marvellous customer commendations and trade accolades.

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