What is the best way to remove paint from wooden window flower boxes?

The best way to remove paint from Wooden Window Flower Boxes is to use a paint removal product that is formulated to do the job. It needs to be compatible with wooden surfaces so it removes the paint without scratching or accidentally causing damage to the base material. Ideally it will dissolve the paint on application, producing a residue that can be peeled away effectively with no great effort using a scraper. If the solution is efficient it should get to work immediately on application so the paint removal process progresses quickly and efficiently. The end result should be a clinically clean undamaged material base with no accidental scratching or surface flaws – attributable sometimes to the use of unsafe, harsh caustic solvents. This clean surface should lend itself readily to a new coat of restorative paint, providing a fresh new colourful finish for the wooden window flower boxes. Traditional methods of removing paint are unfortunately not safe nor totally efficient. They include the mechanical means of manual and electrical sanding which produce eye and respiratory irritation and are very slow and labour intensive; Heat treatment including use of the blowtorch which is also a tedious smoke and fumes producing method and the aforementioned solvents which produce noxious emissions. A new innovative clear cut all embracing solution for paint removal is required and fortunately one has arrived on the market.

Embrace the finest paint removal solution recently launched on the market.

The best product to remove paint from wooden window flower boxes has arrived on the market in the form of Peel Tec, a bespoke product developed by C Tec specifically for the Construction Industry. This revolutionary solution is a unique formulation that is Methyl Chloride free and dissolves the paint into a easily removable residue within ten minutes of application. This versatile product is effective on practically any material surface and cleans it meticulously to a paint ready state without compromising the substrate in any way. As the greatest challenge of the repainting process is the removal of the old paint much thought and care needs to go into this operation. With an excellent product on hand to remove the paint the process itself should be seamless and effortless. You simply spray it on and scrape it off! The product design with the aerosol style dispenser ensures clean and precise delivery of the spray gel solution directly onto the target surface. Peel Tec is being lauded by the Paint and Decorating sector as the best paint removal product to date. It is fast becoming the painter’s mate ‘de rigueur’.

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