What is the best way to remove paint from standard garden lights?

Outdoor garden lights are multifunctional, acting as added security to driveways, providing a cosmetic adornment to garden surroundings or highlighting and enhancing certain prominent areas or features of the garden. They may simply be used to add warmth and light to a patio area creating a welcoming ambience to guests and family. Whatever their intended function they form a central focus and need to always look resplendent. Unfortunately, as an exterior embellishment they are exposed to the ravages of extreme weather conditions which eventually renders them lack lustre and even shoddy, at which point a restorative paint job becomes a necessary chore. A tedious time consuming task – indeed that was how painters viewed the prospect before the arrival of a new revolutionary paint remover. Painters had never relished the task of using a blowtorch followed by a slow tedious clean up process to remove the old paint with a scraper. The alternative of using a proprietary paint stripper and the subsequent clean up effort of clearing the resultant residue did not really appeal either. Harsh solvents can be detrimental to your health with exposure to dangerous chemical vapours and can react with some base materials in a damaging way. The timely intervention of an innovative invention means that the repaint task is faster, safer, more eco friendly and even more economical. With standard garden lights, a new coat of paint requires a proper clean base so as the finished job looks smooth and as good as the original model. This specially formulated paint remover is ideal for providing the clean base necessary for an effective application of that lustrous new coat of paint which will replicate and reinvent the original smooth workshop finish.

Painters endorse a product that removes paint effectively.

“Don’t burn it. Peel it” is the mantra of the latest revolutionary paint removal solution. This highlights the special qualities of this incredible paint remover that is both technically efficient and safe. The growing popularity and ever increasing demand for this product sees distributors across Europe ordering greater quantities of stock to cope with growing customer uptake and demand. It is fast becoming a Snag List Eliminator product de rigueur, joining the list of illustrious sealants and adhesives that form C Tec’s amazing product contribution to the Construction Industry. Every trade painter now carries an aerosol container of Peel Tec, the new paint removal product, as a standard part of their daily tool kit – a real endorsement of the cliched advertisement – “it does what it says on the tin”.

What – you may ask – are the resounding qualities of this revolutionary paint remover that makes it stand out from the crowd?

Firstly it removes paint safely from multiple surfaces. It is non toxic and vapourless and does not emit dangerous fumes. In fact it is Methyl Chloride free which is a reassuring factor from a health perspective. Its chemical formulation renders it compliant with food safe regulations. From an operational viewpoint, the application of the product is a simple spray on process. Peel Tec comes in a convenient aerosol with a unique nozzle which triggers the release of the correct amount of product onto the desired surface. The reaction of the agent on the target surface takes up to ten minutes after which the resulting detritus can be quickly removed with a scraper tool. This is a painless task which leaves a beautifully clean base with no scratching and a clinically clean and receptive surface for the new paint application. As a neutral agent it does not damage in any way the base material which leaves a pristine surface for the repaint task. This unique product reduces labour considerably and proves a more economical choice than its competitors.

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