What is the best way to remove paint from internal wood doors

The task of repainting internal wood doors is quite an extensive undertaking when you consider that on average houses can have up to twelve doors or more. However it is not the actual painting process but rather the preparatory work that can be tedious, slow and labour intensive. Removing the old paint is a daunting chore and a most important one since clinically clean surfaces are de rigueur in order to ensure a smooth aesthetically pleasing application of a fresh coat of paint. A paint removal procedure that is fast and effective has just been made a lot more tolerable, safe and effective with the invention of Peel Tec. This revolutionary paint stripper from C Tec is unquestionably the best way to remove paint from internal wood doors. Traditional methods of removing paint were not safe and all presented their own drawbacks. Heat treatment produces fumes and smoke. Blowtorching painted wooden surfaces can leave scorch marks on the wood and cause eye stinging fumes while mechanical methods such as using manual and electrical power sanding, create dust that can annoy the respiratory system and also cause stinging eyes. Solvents prove to be very harsh and unsafe. That leaves a huge void for a new safe innovative product that will do what it says on the tin.

Formulation makes it a safe and efficient paint removal solution

An amazing new paint removal solution is literally taking the Construction sector by storm thanks to its capability as a safe, fast acting efficient product. Developed specifically for the Construction Industry, just like C Tec’s complementary family range of successful sealant and adhesive products, this effective commodity says goodbye to those tedious, inefficient, unsafe methods that provided no other options for the paint trade professionals. The positive properties of this paint removal product make it the best painter’s handy mate to ever come on the market. The spray gel solution is delivered via a unique nozzle from a conventional aerosol container with the right amount applied to the specific surface target area. The gel reacts with the old paint and the resultant residue can be peeled off within ten minutes leaving a clinically clean surface that is receptive to a new coat of paint. This product is a painter’s dream and a real time saving solution.

Peel Tec is the revolutionary solution for all paint removal jobs. It is a very versatile agent working on practically all material surfaces with the same clinical efficiency and with no damage such as accidental scratching to the base. This paint removal formulation ensures it is a safe product, producing no dangerous vapours. It can also claim to be Methyl Chloride free. That is very good news for paint operatives and third parties as this chemical is known to produce health issues.

Imagine the new experience of using this magical product on your internal wood doors. They can be cleared safely, efficiently and quickly of the old coat of paint and repainted within a short time frame, restoring their original decorative integrity and providing that professional paint finish that you want and deserve. Peel Tec is now the most popular solution for effective and safe paint removal in the Construction Industry. It is like manna from heaven for the painting and decorating sector when faced with removing paint from internal wood doors.

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