What is the best way to remove paint from concrete steps?

Painted concrete steps can be an attractive build feature of any home or a highlight of any architectural landscaping, either domestic or commercial. Like all exterior construction they are susceptible to fluctuating extreme weather conditions which can alter their cosmetic appearance. Only a repaint will restore their original integrity and the renewal process must begin by removing the old paint. This is a task requiring a special paint removal solution that is fast, efficient and safe. To date painters have a number of traditional methods for paint removal but none are either safe or totally effective. Solvents are an option but they have proven extremely harsh for industrial and domestic and  they can discharge dangerous noxious vapours and fumes. Another tried method is heat treatment which is slow and tiresome. This process can also produce unpleasant fumes and smoke especially if a blowtorch is deployed and can irritate the eyes and airways. The third method is deployment of mechanical means such as manual or electrical sanding. This is also a slow laborious process that produces clouds of eye stinging dust that also irritates the respiratory system. Clearly none of these provide a safe effective means of removing paint from concrete steps so it is essential to look for more effective innovative solutions. There is an excellent product for the job that has been developed quite recently.

An innovative paint removal solution is now available

After a lengthy wait for a safe effective paint removal product to come on the market there is now one that fulfils the criteria for a safe efficient solution. C Tec have researched and developed a revolutionary paint remover specifically for the Construction Industry that is providing the complete solution for the paint trade. It is receiving accolades from the Painting and Decorating sector as the best paint removal product to date. Peel Tec is a spray gel structure that is uniquely dispensed from an aerosol canister via a special nozzle that delivers the right amount of product to the target surface area. It is a versatile solution working on practically any material with speed and efficiency. It dissolves the paint to a peel away residue within ten minutes of application, leaving a clinically clean and undamaged surface for a coat of new paint. The whole process is quite effortless and relatively fast. Peel Tec’s unique formulation is Methyl Chloride free as well as being technically efficient, which makes it a unique product in that respect. This is the best product for removing paint from concrete steps in a safe and effective manner.

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