What is the best way to remove paint from a tin roof

Ensuring tin roofs are regularly painted has a practical as much as a cosmetic application. A good coat of paint can protect from weather extremes including heat and cold thus preventing premature rusting, UV damage and discoloration. Regular maintenance can also ensure a longer life expectancy for the tin roof as well as a clean fresh painted appearance that is aesthetically pleasing. Applying a new coat of paint requires the prior removal of the old coat which means finding the best way to remove it. Traditional methods are tedious and inefficient signalling long drawn out processes that are unsafe, labour intensive and not cost effective. A new paint removal product is taking the painting sector of the Construction Industry by storm. It is the brainchild of C Tec NI Ltd – an amazing paint remover, that gets the job done more effectively, safely and quickly than any other solution. This brand new product ticks all the boxes to give you all the requisite qualities in one efficient package. This particular product was researched and developed specifically for the Construction Industry. You want a solution that will take the donkey work out of stripping paint from multiple material surfaces and does so in a safe fashion. Painters can say goodbye to all those unsafe methods of the past that were time consuming and ineffective as they embrace this new revolutionary product that is the paint remover of the future.

Technically superior, safe and best way to remove paint.

By using an effective, Construction Industry endorsed product your tin roof can be completely cleared of old paint leaving a clean surface for a repaint job. The task of removing paint has been transformed with the development of an incredible product that is the best way to remove paint from a tin roof. It leaves the base material surface clean, ready and receptive to a paint makeover. A professional finish can be expected and achieved with the tin roof’s original integrity being fully restored. The paint removal solution is Peel Tec which comes in a handy aerosol container with a unique nozzle that allows the delivery of the exact amount of spray gel required to do the job. You can cover a precise surface area with a quick application of the product leaving it to do its work. Within ten minutes the detached paint on the tin roof can literally be peeled away with a paint scraper. The product’s mantra, “Don’t burn it. Peel it !” clearly defines what you see happening in front of your eyes, as the old paint peels off the target surface. The task of scraping off the stripped residue is easily achieved thanks to the this amazing product. Its unique formulation ensures that no damage or scratching is caused to the base material and prepares the surface clinically for re-coating. Peel Tec’s versatility means that it works on practically all materials with the same clinical efficiency so there are many paint removal jobs that it can do around the house, on garden furniture, gates, sheds and fences – both wooden and metal- on boats and yachts in the marina, jetties, in building refurbishment and re-decorating projects, on farm buildings and agricultural machinery. The list is endless. A very appealing quality in its formulation is the absence of Methyl Chloride which causes health problems. Furthermore, painters feel safe in the knowledge that it produces no dangerous vapours. C Tec’s latest invention is clearly the paint removing product of the future!

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