What is the best way to fix a broken garden gnome

The fastest and most effective way to fix a broken garden gnome is to use a versatile adhesive with instant and lasting grab that works efficiently in both wet and dry conditions with no dilution or compromise of product performance. That has been easier said than done since it is very difficult to source a solution that ticks all the necessary performance boxes. Many adhesive products fail to provide a long lasting solution as they are generally not seal proof and allow water egression which weakens the bond and eventually leads to separation of the constituent parts. Unfortunately your much beloved gnome, whatever its composition, if bonded together with such a product will return to a pile of rubble in the garden. The challenge is to find an adhesive/sealant that conforms to a comprehensive list of essential product criteria including safety, strong performance, applicability, efficiency in wet conditions, resistance to chemicals, UV and vibration as well as solvent free. That is quite a tall order you might claim and indeed an impossible wish list – which would have been the case historically – that is until a revolutionary adhesive/sealant appeared on the market a few short years ago. Its efficiency, in full compliance with necessary product performance criteria, has earned it the title of “The Snag List Eliminator” and this amazing bonding agent has become the de facto go-to product for all construction and DIY bonding jobs.

The ideal solution for bonding and sealing all materials

The amazing revolutionary adhesive/sealant that has become the most effective bonding agent to the construction industry is the eponymous CT1. The result of an intensive period of R&D it has rapidly grown in popularity across the UK, Ireland and many countries in Europe and Scandinavia. Developed with the Construction Industry in mind, this efficient product bonds and seals to provide an adhesion that is instant, strong and long lasting. Its unique formula endows CT1 with a host of excellent and effective qualities that have propelled it to the position of number one choice of adhesive for all trades people in the Construction sector. CT1 has also earned great popularity among DIY enthusiasts and adherents who commend it as the best adhesive solution they have come across in years. It will effectively bond the broken gnome parts, whether concrete, plastic or made of some other composite. This amazing product is a safe, effective and long lasting solution, bonding practically all materials with consummate ease and efficiency. As a solvent free adhesive/sealant it bonds and seals simultaneously, preventing any potential damage to the bond by weather and temperature extremes. Sticking a broken gnome together is made easy with CT1, which provides a safe, instant and lasting solution to the problem. Having a solvent free formulation means it is non toxic with no dangerous emissions. Its non aggression towards any other material and its versatility makes it the number one choice of adhesive/sealant for all adhesion requirements – especially in the Construction Industry. Your gnome will feel at home again after his complete recovery.

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