What is the best way to bond wood to wood

The best way to bond wood to wood is to source the most effective safe adhesive that has good tensile strength and provides a lasting adhesion solution. You may say that is a very challenging task considering the number of proprietary solutions on the market, and you would be right, considering that none are safe or comprehensively efficient and effective. You can actually attach wood to wood using screws and nuts or pop rivets but that is unsightly and would probably not be desirable in terms of aesthetics and appearance. The best way to do it is to find an adhesive that is super strong, does not shrink or contract in extreme conditions and retains its bonding integrity on a permanent basis even in wet or moisture laden circumstances. A good adhesive will do the job without the need for additional fittings, so it behoves the fitter to find that elusive efficient bonding agent to accomplish the task. It must be non aggressive to synthetic materials and resistant to chemicals to work effectively in bonding wood to wood. A hybrid polymer with a unique formulation would be perfect for this task, providing a resistance to UV, vibration and water penetration. If used for example in a marine environment or boat maintenance application it needs to be impervious to water egression to retain its bonding capability and high tensile performance. These elements are scalably important depending on the wood’s exposure to wet conditions.

An exciting new adhesive takes the Construction Industry by storm

You can now  achieve the perfect bond between different types of wood with the development of an amazing revolutionary adhesive named CT1. It has been the flagship of a successful range of adhesives and sealants from the Company of the same name. It is the ideal solution for bonding wood to wood as it replaces all other wood and PU adhesives as the go to solution for all bonding requirements across the Construction Industry and DIY sector. Its unique formulation as a solvent free hybrid polymer makes it resistant to UV, vibration and chemicals. It also works well in both wet and dry conditions, even applicable under water and does not shrink or expand – attributes that are a real advantage in a marine environment or in wet or damp conditions on a building site. This Snag List Eliminator, as it is now branded by the Company, has rapidly earned the reputation of being the number one adhesive on the market – a single replacement for all other adhesives including wood and PU adhesives, silicone sealants and acrylic sealants. Its instant grab ability and fully cured tensile strength ensures that the wood to wood bond is totally effective with permanent application. As CT1 is solvent free it does not emit any odours or toxic fumes. It has also received eco-friendly and health safe certification as proof of high standards in those particular areas of product concern. From a practical application perspective it is an adhesive/sealant par excellence with wide application throughout the Construction Industry and DIY sector.

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