What is the Best Sanitary Sealant to Use in a Bathroom?

Whether you need to seal around a bath or fit a shower tray, you need to use the best sanitary sealant possible when it comes to bathroom applications. Bathrooms are natural breeding grounds for mould and fungus. The warm and wet conditions offer the perfect level of moisture and warmth for bacteria to form and build up over time. What you’re left with is usually in the form of fungus patches, black spots, and mouldy walls that could have been avoided had you used the right sanitary sealant to begin with. However, don’t worry, if your bathroom sealant is already covered in mould, you can always replace it with a higher-quality and high-performing sanitary sealant such as BT1.


What is BT1?

If you’re looking for the best sanitary sealant, look no further than BT1. BT1 is the latest development in bathroom sealant technology. Its formula is based on our revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology, which is unlike anything else in the market. As a powerful sanitary sealant, BT1 has the strength and ability to create long-lasting bonds with a variety of materials. What makes BT1 the best sanitary sealant is its unique power to resist bacteria, mould, and fungus.


What makes BT1 the best sanitary sealant?

With its unique TRIBRID® Technology, BT1 is water resistant and mould resistant. Do you need to seal around a sink, shower, or bath? This sealant is just what you need to create mould-resistant seals in your bathroom. You won’t have to worry about leaks or dark mouldy spots developing on the surface of the sealant. This adhesive is also great for hanging a mirror on your bathroom wall without the need for additional fixings. How incredible is that? You can use BT1 in any area of your home, such as the kitchen. This is because BT1 has undergone a series of tests and has been approved for use in places where food is stored, prepped, and consumed.

BT1 is the only sealant in history to have been scientifically developed with not one, not two, but three polymers. This TRIBRID® Technology strength has maximised BT1’s bonding ability, but what makes it the best sanitary sealant is the fact that it has an incredible resistance to mould, bacteria, and fungal infestation. While other bathroom sealants may resist mould for a short time following application, BT1 provides long-lasting results and continues to repel mould and bacteria long after the initial application. BT1 has also been tested under MOD IOS 22196:2011 and has been proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%. This is previously unheard of in the industry, making BT1 the most reliable sanitary sealant in the industry. It’s perfect for use not just in domestic bathrooms, but in places like hospitals, clinics, and other public health institutes.


Where can I find BT1?

Whether you want to stop mould growth on your bathroom sealant, or you need a trustworthy sanitary sealant for various applications around the home or in a professional capacity, BT1 is the answer. You can find BT1 at your local distributor or head over to our new Online Shop, where you can buy products from the CT1 range.

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