What is the best sanitary sealant for bathrooms?

Are you looking for the best sanitary sealant for your bathroom?

Considering the wet and often warm conditions found inside bathrooms, you need to use an anti-mould bathroom sealant to eliminate as much bacteria as possible. Choosing a mediocre sealant that isn’t equipped for the job can lead to even more work and money in the near future. Not all bathroom sealants prevent mould. So, don’t assume that just because a sealant claims to be waterproof, that it automatically means it’s an anti-mould sealant.

The best sanitary sealant for a bathroom is BT1, the latest sealant technology for bathrooms from the masterminds behind CT1, the Snag List Eliminator. BT1 is the newest sealant to hit the market and it’s already got everyone in the industry talking. With its revolutionary TRIBRID® technology, BT1 is specifically developed to create bonds that bacteria cannot penetrate. Keep reading to find out why BT1 is the best sanitary sealant for bathrooms!


BT1 is Anti-Mould

As mentioned above, bathrooms are prone to mould and bacteria growth because of the damp and warm surroundings. As you can imagine, bacteria thrive in such conditions, which means you need an anti-mould and anti-fungal sealant that can resist against a broad spectrum of microbes. BT1 is that sealant and is effective against MRSA, E. coli and Campylobacter to name but a few.

If your bathroom sealant is covered in mould and the mould keeps returning even after you’ve cleaned it (many, many times over), you need to switch it out for BT1. Cleaning gets rid of mould short-term, but BT1 was the power and ability to prevent mould and bacterial growth long-term.

The best way to remove mould from your existing sealant is to remove it entirely and start again with BT1. This is the best way to ensure you’re starting from a ‘clean slate’ and with BT1, you’ll only have to apply the sealant once in your lifetime, rather than having to reseal your whole bathroom in a year or even a few months down the line.


BT1 Uses TRIBRID® Technology

You may have heard of CT1, our unique sealant and construction adhesive that prevents fungal growth, contains no solvents and works in both wet and dry conditions. Well, BT1 is the next step up, reaching new heights of sanitary sealant technology. It’s 100% free of solvents and isocyanates, making it the number one bathroom sealant and an ideal sanitaryware product for use across all public health institutions.

To apply BT1 in your bathroom, you need to make sure that all surfaces are clean. This means taking the time to remove traces of grease or any loose particles such as leftover residue from the previous sealant or adhesive. Once the area is clean, grab your BT1 cartridge, remove the nozzle and trim it to the required diameter. Next, cut off the cartridge tip and screw on the nozzle. When applying this sanitary sealant, make sure that it’s forced into the joint, ensuring that full contact has been made with the sealant and the joint surfaces.

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