What is the best paint stripper?

In answer to the question – what is the best paint stripper? – there is usually a pause followed by a suggestive list of possible solutions, each with their own set of criteria for the best in product status. The list is quite exclusive and includes some noteworthy products. However there is not a single product that is completely safe and technically ultra superior which begs the query is there a paint removal solution out there that stands out from the crowd in doing what it ‘says on the tin’ to use a hackneyed phrase?

First we should outline the requisite qualities or criteria for a best in class paint stripper. It must be safe and preferably registered as Methyl Chloride free, which significantly reduces safety concerns. It should be easily applied to the target surface area which effectively means its packaging is conducive to precise clean delivery of the product in the form of a non-drop solution. Immediately on application it should take effect, working vigorously and efficiently to dissolve multiple layers of paint into a peel away residue that is effortlessly removable. The formulation of the paint stripping product should provide a material base that is damage free, clinically clean and well prepared to receive a new smooth coat of paint that will restore the cosmetic integrity of the object in question. The technical and safety requisites must be addressed by any new contender for the title of best paint stripper and that can be substantiated only through the plaudits and reviews of satisfied consumers and customers who have first hand experience in deployment of the paint stripping product and can bear testament to its effectiveness. There is one stand out solution that is earning the total respect of the Construction Industry and the Painting and Decorating sector in particular.

Paint Stripper extraordinaire, excels in every way.

C Tec have famously invented a revolutionary paint stripper that cuts through the hype and the layers of paint with equal aplomb. This amazing product has a formulation that is Methyl Chloride free and instils complete confidence in the consumer from a safety perspective. Its technical prowess and ability to do what it says on the tin fulfils the criteria laid down for a safe efficient paint stripping product. Peel Tec is a versatile solution that is equally efficient on practically any material surface, capable of removing many layers of paint in quick fashion. From the moment of application, via a unique nozzle which dispenses the required amount of product to the exact targeted spot, Peel Tec goes to work, dissolving the paint into a peel away residue that can be easily removed. No fuss, no effort is required, just an aerosol of this magical formulation to leave a clinically clean material surface for a new coat of restorative and protective paint. Peel Tec is proving to be a product to be reckoned with in the Paint Stripping stakes.

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