What Adhesive To Use for Glass Tiles

The perfect Adhesive to use for Glass Tiles is the CT1 Snag List Eliminator. This is the question that we are frequently asked What Adhesive for Glass Tiles when exhibiting at trade fairs.

CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer Adhesive with no petro chemicals in its make up which is one of the reasons why it’s the perfect Adhesive for bonding Glass Tiles. Bonding glass is a difficult application due to its make up but also due to its extremely smooth surface. The majority of Adhesives available contain solvents which etch into the glass and therefore cause staining. CT1 Adhesive will achieve an exceptionally strong bond on Glass Tiles with no staining.

The Adhesive used for Glass Tiles must remain flexible as there is a lot of movement within the glass. The CT1 Adhesive will remain permanently flexible which is the second reason why CT1 is the perfect Adhesive to use for Bonding Glass Tiles. Most solvent based adhesives will shrink after curing resulting in poor adhesion of the Glass Tiles. CT1 Adhesive is non shrinking which is the third reason why CT1 unique construction Adhesive is the answer to the question: What Adhesive to Use for Glass Tiles?

Cleaning the Glass Tiles before bonding is highly recommended and CT1 Multisolve is the absolute product for this task. © Copyright.


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